7 Decor Ideas for a Farm Wedding


Once you’ve figured out the logistics of throwing a farm wedding, it is time to start thinking about the decor! If you’re planning a farm wedding, consider these top decor ideas to bring your wedding venue to life.


Use Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables for Decor

Nothing ties together a farm wedding like using seasonal produce as decor. Consider adding local fruits (like apples, pears, or figs) to the table runners or floral arrangements, or lining the aisle with pumpkins or other gourds for a fall wedding. Find out what is local to your area, and let your imagination run wild.


Use Draping to Elevate a Barn Space

With the right draping, you can add a touch of elegance to the interior of a barn. The taller ceilings and architectural beams of a barn can be enhanced by draping light, natural materials that draw the focus up towards the ceiling. Speaking of the ceiling, if possible, you may also want to hang a chandelier at the center of the barn for both practical lighting and a sophisticated touch.


Take Advantage of Outdoor Space

While the interior of a barn greatly contributes to the rustic theme, you should also be taking advantage of the outdoor area, as well. Typical barns don’t have a lot of natural light streaming in, so it’ll be nice to enjoy the outdoors and gorgeous views while the sun is still out. This might mean setting up the dining area on an outdoor patio, but putting the DJ and dance floor in the barn.


Add Elegance with Vintage Finds

If you are aiming for a rustic yet elegant vibe, you can elevate the farm space using vintage items as decor. Metallic vintage votives filled with tea light candles can add a small but luxurious touch. Grand vintage mirrors can also be directly written on for some sophisticated signage.


Play Around with Farm Elements

Barrels, wooden boxes, wheelbarrows, and lanterns can all be used as decor pieces – and there is a good chance you’ll already find them on the farm! Thinking of lining the barn with lanterns, or having a wheelbarrow filled with florals, greenery, or fruit and veggies as a decorative accent piece. You’ll likely have plenty of useful decorative elements right at your fingertips.


Work with Burlap

Burlap perfectly complements a rustic farm aesthetic, and this budget-friendly material can be used in a variety of ways. Use it as a reception table runner, turn it into dining chair bows, or wrap pieces around vases and bouquets.


Light Up the Space with String Lights

The easiest way to add some festive and practical lighting to a space is to hang up string lights. They’ll add a beautiful glow to the entire space. Consider hanging some outside for when the sun sets, or inside the barn for a bit of extra light.


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