Wedding Venues in Warner Robins, Georgia

*Photo via : Valley View Barn Wedding Venue

It’s officially wedding season again, which means it’s officially time to look for wedding venues for your big day! Warner Robins, Georgia has got to have some of the most beautiful, dreamy venues to choose from. Here is a list of the top 6 affordable wedding venues near Warner Robins, Georgia, and why you should consider booking one for your big occasion.


  1. Valley View Barn Wedding Venue  in Warner Robins, Georgia. Discover the wedding of your dreams at Valley View Barn, located just outside of Warner Robin, Georgia. This event is not only a dreamy escape, but it is surrounded by enchanting woods, horses, charming barns, and more. This event space is perfect for medium to large weddings with a capacity of 250 guests.


  1. Macon Banquet. This beautiful space is perfect for larger weddings with a capacity of 800 guests. If you’re looking for a simple, indoor wedding, this event hall may be the perfect place with onsite catering, decorations, and a beautiful reception venue.


  1. Forest Hill Park. This beautiful venue deserves to be at the top of your list because of its unique charm, beautiful scenery, and dreamy parks. Not to mention the historic First Baptist Church of Perry steeple and Clinchfield Chapel as beautiful venues to hold the wedding ceremony. This venue also offers a wide variety of packages for small to medium-sized weddings with prices as low as $140 per event to $2,400 per event. Forest Hill Park truly sets the tone for the fairytale wedding of your dreams.


  1. Cherokee Pines. This beautiful wedding venue offers a variety of packages for your event as well. This space is ideal for a smaller wedding with a guest list of no more than 120 people. Cherokee Pines is a top contender for outdoor weddings due to its surrounding greenery setting up the perfect backdrop for your wedding. The venue also includes a beautiful banquet room and even a pool to dip your toes in or go swimming!


  1. Victory Venues Event Center. The perfect space if your guest list is around 150 people. This dreamy, elegant banquet hall is ready to bring your wedding to life with a price range of &2,700 to $3,100 and the freedom to choose your own catering and bar services.


  1. The Wedding Barn at L’Horne. Are you looking for the ranch wedding of your dreams? Look no further than The Wedding Barn at L’Horne. This space is perfect for either indoor or outdoor (or both) weddings. With its rustic, charming barn to serve as a perfect location for your ceremony or reception, the beautiful forest enclosing the barn and so much more. Space can be dressed up to your liking or can be left as it is because let’s face it. It’s gorgeous! With generous pricing ranging from $3,000-$4,000 this could be the perfect space for your wedding.


Whether you’re looking for a forest, a barn, a historic church, or a country club, this small list of venues is a great place to start if you’re located in Georgia (or if you decide that Georgia is the setting of your dreams). Regardless, these venues are ready to help create the wedding of your dreams.