2021 Floral Wedding Trends

Florals are a massive budgetary expense for all weddings. With the hopes of saving money, couples are searching for other ways to implement florals into their ceremony and reception. With new trends arriving, traditional floral arrangements are becoming a bit out of date. With the desire to create new beautiful arrangements, here are some ideas to consider:


Hanging Flowers

It is traditional to place flowers on tables, but new trends are stating that it is okay to be creative. Instead of choosing to place flowers in the center of a table, consider hanging them instead. Hanging strings of greenery around your venue can lead to a magical touch. Flowers can hang in strands above tables and even the altar. Choosing to best place your flowers in this way can spice up a room and highlight a venue’s greatest features. If a venue is small, hanging greenery can make the room appear to be larger.


Minimal Arrangements

Big floral arrangements are slowly making their way out the door. Not only do large amounts of flowers increase cost, but they are not as popular as they used to be. Keeping flower arrangements minimal can result in a classy look. Simply choosing to mix greenery with a few flowers of your choosing can make an aesthetic statement. Minimalizing floral arrangements can also highlight an architecturally beautiful venue.


Expressive Color Palettes

Couples are leaving behind the traditional wedding flower colors and choosing colors that best fit their personalities. Selecting colors that perfectly match who you are is a trend to embrace. Unless you enjoy blush, creme, or a golden color palette, consider more colorful alternatives.


Effortless Bouquets

Similar to huge centerpieces, bouquets are also becoming more minimal. Effortless bouquets have arrived and are much lighter to carry. Small bouquets are elegant and captivating. Furthermore, the attention will be more on you walking down the aisle than the flowers.


Enhancing the Aisle With Greenery

Whether you have a small or larger wedding, the moments you walk down the aisle are the most captivating. Creating a strong aisle way is increasing in popularity as some couples are beginning to fill them with greenery. Create what is known as an aisle meadow that is visually pleasing and creates better photo opportunities.


Floral Cocktails

Have you considered edible flowers? Putting flowers into cocktails is visually pleasing and a popular trend. Your guest will also enjoy posing and taking photos with your cocktails that you can view later. The edible flowers you choose can also fit the decor of your wedding.


Whether you choose to simplify your florals or not, the choice is yours. With new trends popping up, it can be time to attempt something new. Whatever you choose, it is your wedding anyways.