3 Types of Vendors at a Bridal Show

bridal show vendors

A bridal show is a great way for brides to narrow down the pool of potential vendors in any given area. From music, to flowers, to venues, all kinds of wedding vendors are displayed at a bridal show. Trying to decide if registering for an event is right for your business? Here are three different wedding vendors that we showcase at each Georgia Bridal Show.


Wedding Cake Designer

The cake is a huge part of any wedding and it can be stressful for brides to choose a bakery that all their guests will love. Many of today’s brides are looking for a unique dessert and choosing cupcakes or donuts in addition to their cake. This is a very exciting endeavor for a bakery but can be hard to come by with other marketing channels.

Displaying your wedding cake bakery at the next Georgia Bridal Show event is a great way to increase your business. One way to make yourself stand out from the other bakers at the show is to provide a free sample of your treats. Consider making mini cupcakes that you can set up at a table in front of your booth. This will attract lots of attention and will make it easier to collect information from brides during this busy day. Plus, they’ll remember you more easily when you send a follow up communication the next day.


Wedding Hair Stylist

Fixing someone’s hair for their big day is a huge honor. After all, she will be wearing your artwork for all to see and it will be photographed hundreds of times. Your work will end up all over the internet and in photo albums for the rest of eternity.

Help brides be more comfortable with your services by working on models in your booth. Bring in one of your salon chairs and a small rolling cart of products and tools. Then, schedule models to come in and have their hair done in your booth. This gives you the chance to show off your skills for the brides in attendance, and makes you stand out from the crowd of other wedding hair stylists.


Wedding Dress Designer

A bride’s wedding dress is often the most important purchase she will make for her big day. Some brides know exactly what they want, while others are overwhelmed with choice. At each Georgia Bridal Show, we have a fashion show for all local wedding dress stores to show off their latest fashions on our models.

If you’re a wedding dress designer, having a piece in our fashion show is a great way to get your designs seen by hundreds of brides. Even if they already have something in mind, brides love to attend the show and may be impressed by your selection or willing to consider other options.


Join Us at the Next Georgia Bridal Show!

No matter what type of wedding vendor you are, there’s a place for you at the Georgia Bridal Show! Read our testimonials to see how other bridal show vendors have built their businesses by exhibiting at an event. Learn more or request further information today! We would love to see at our next show!