The Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Cake Baker


For many couples, the cake selection process is the best part of planning a wedding. Who doesn’t want to pick out a gorgeous design and try some delicious cake? While it certainly is fun, there are some important logistics you need to keep in mind when hiring a professional to bake and design your wedding cake. These questions will help you narrow down your choices and pick the best person for the job.


What flavors and filling options do you offer? Are we able to choose the combination of flavor and filling, or do you have set choices? Do you work with buttercream or fondant?

Obviously one of the most important aspects of your wedding cake is the taste! Make sure the baker you are considering has cake flavor and filling options that you and your fiance will enjoy. Additionally, some bakers specialize in using buttercream, while others primarily use fondant. If you have a preference for either, you will want to make sure they offer that option.


Do you offer organic/vegan/gluten-free options?

If you have dietary restrictions (or would like to offer options for guests with certain dietary restrictions), it is important that your baker can meet your specific needs. Be sure to ask this question ASAP if it is a top priority.


How long have you been in business?

You want to make sure you aren’t just working with a talented baker – you also want to ensure they have experience working with weddings. That way, they know the ins and outs of making the right quantity, creating beautiful designs, and the logistics of getting the cake to you on the big day.


How far in advance will you make our cake?

Your baker will likely need to make your cake a few days in advance, especially if they are working with a more complicated design. Check in to see how far out they’d be making it. A few days should be fine, but leaving it in the freezer for too long can have a negative effect on the taste.


Who will be making our cake?

The person you first meet with might not actually be the one who’d be making your cake. You’ll want to find out more about the professional who would actually take on the job. This is the person you’ll need to ultimately work closely with to nail down the design and create the perfect cake.


Do we need to choose from a preset design, or do you create custom cake designs? Do you have a portfolio we can look at?

If you are looking for a customized design, you’ll need to make sure your baker offers that option. Alternatively, if you are fine with using a preset design, you should take a look at what they offer to see if anything fits your vision. Either way, it is a smart idea to look at a portfolio of the baker’s past work to get an idea of the quality and design style.


Do you provide cake stands?

Often bakeries will have cake stands that you can use on your big day. Ask to see what options they have and if they fit with your overall wedding style. Keep in mind that there may be an additional fee for using their cake stand.


When do we need to finalize our order?

You’ll likely do a bit of creative work with your baker, especially if you are working on a custom design. Of course, you’ll eventually need to settle on your perfect design. Check-in on what their timeline would be so that you are fully aware of when you would need to finalize your order.


What are your rates? Does the rate include a tasting? Is there a minimum cost?

Typically, a wedding cake baker will determine their rate for a cake based on a per slice cost. Of course, the complexity and ingredients used for a cake will influence this cost. Many bakers do charge a tasting fee but will put that cost towards the final cake.


How much is required for the deposit, and when is it due?

You should expect to put down a deposit (generally around 50% of the cost when signing the contract) to secure the professional’s services. Make sure you get all the necessary deposit information to secure your final choice!


How does the delivery process work?

You’ll most likely want your wedding cake delivered to the reception, and most bakeries will offer this service. Some include it in their wedding cake rate, while others charge an extra fee to have it delivered. Check to see if they have an additional fee for delivery service.


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