5 Logistical Tips for Planning a Fourth of July Wedding


Summer weather, fireworks, and celebratory drinks all make for a fun and festive Fourth of July wedding celebration. It is no surprise that many couples choose the patriotic holiday as their wedding date! While the holiday does create a unique celebratory environment for weddings, it does come with a few challenges. If you are planning a Fourth of July wedding, keep the following in mind to make the planning process as smooth as possible.


Budget for Premium Vendor Rates

The Fourth of July is obviously a popular date for events in general. This means that vendors are particularly busy and in-demand, which means they’ll likely raise their prices for the holiday. Going into the planning process, keep in mind that you are likely going to be paying premium prices, especially when it comes to the venue, catering, and florist.


Nail Down Reservations and Vendors ASAP

The Fourth of July is a busy time, especially when the holiday falls on a weekend. Hotels will be booked up earlier, and many event hosts will be securing local vendors for their celebrations (whether it is for a wedding or a holiday party). Plan to make all necessary reservations earlier than typically recommended, and start meeting with vendors as soon as you can. If you’re doing a hotel room block for out-of-town guests, be sure to get it sorted out ASAP – especially if your wedding is in a busy town or city or a popular vacation destination.


Send Save-the-Dates Early

Keep in mind that many people take vacations or make family plans around the Fourth of July. It is important to inform guests about your wedding on the earlier side so that they don’t make plans that could conflict with your celebration. Send out save-the-dates no later than 8 months before your wedding so that guests know to leave the date open on their calendars.


Be Ready for Traffic and Public Events

This is particularly important if your wedding (or any pre- or post-wedding events) falls on the Fourth of July (rather than the day before or after). Plenty of people in town will be on the road to get to celebrations, especially in the midday and late afternoon. In order to ensure everyone gets to your wedding ceremony on time, advise guests to plan for extra traffic. You should also research Fourth of July events (especially parades) in your town so that you can plan for road closures or areas that will be super congested. On your wedding website, let guests know about areas to avoid when getting to your wedding venue, and give alternate route options.


Research Firework Regulations

If you are planning on ending the celebration with a fireworks display, be sure to do your research and make sure you are actually allowed to shoot fireworks in your area and at your venue. If not, you can always hand out sparklers for guests to light (although check that your venue allows it).


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