5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Bridal Show

bridal show vendor

Becoming a bridal show vendor is extremely exciting for your business. It gives you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of brides in a single afternoon! If this is your first time attending a Georgia Bridal Show, you’re probably pretty nervous and feeling unprepared. We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips that help vendors make the most of the day. But if you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We want to help make this a great event for you!


Bring Help

Not only is setting up and tearing down a booth easily a job for two or three, it will also be very busy during the show! It’s a great benefit to have one or two other people with you to talk to brides while you’re showing off your work to other couples. They should know a lot about your business and be able to talk to brides on your behalf if you’re busy or need to take a break. At the very least, you can have them gather information as the brides walk by and you can follow up later, after the show.


Make Your Booth Unique

There will be many other vendors at the show so you’ll want to make your booth stand out and draw the attention of brides. Although we provide each booth with a few basics, consider bringing your own table clothes or an additional small table to set out at the front of your booth. This table can display some of your work, hold your giveaway jar, or way to collect information.


Have Something to Give Away

The tables that leave with the most leads are always the ones who have something to give away. It can be as small as a bowl of candy or mints that brides can grab while walking by or you can go a little larger and offer decorative clothes pins with a magnet on the back that hold your business card and can then be used to hold the bride’s personal photos on the fridge after the event.

To make your business even more memorable, you can host a drawing for a romantic dinner for two or mini photo session. Tailor this to your business and use a large glass jar to collect names and phone numbers. This is also a great way to collect leads that you can follow up with after the event.


Have a Fun Way to Collect Leads

Make yourself stand out by collecting brides’ information in a unique way. If you’re a photographer, snap an instant pic of the bride, slide it into an envelope, and have her write her mailing address on the front. Then, you can mail her the photo as a keepsake after the event and you have her information for following up.

You could also have personalized note pads printed up that brides can fill out while they’re chatting with you. Take a second after each encounter to write something down that you and the bride discussed, and you can use that when you email her the next day.


Talk to More Than Just Brides

Your primary goal at the event will be to talk to as many brides as possible, but don’t forget about the other attendees! Take a moment before the show to go visit other booths, especially those in your industry, say hello and wish them luck! You can also take time to talk with the organizers, magazine editors, and wedding venues. You never know when a simple hello can turn in to major business!


Register for the Next Georgia Bridal Show!

When you attend a bridal show, you’ll want to make the most of your experience. Don’t be afraid to show up early and stay late! There will be brides who come early, and those who come at the end as well. If you’re still around for them to talk with, you can make many more connections.

We would love to see you at the next Georgia Bridal Show event. To find out if this opportunity is right for you, request more information today! We know you’ll have a great time. Just read some of the testimonials from previous bridal show vendors!