5 Tips to Make Your Bridal Vendor Booth More Attractive


Joining us at the next Georgia Bridal Show is a great business decision! You’ll be able to meet hundreds of brides that are actively planning their weddings! This is the ideal time to make connections and turn those leads into clients!

We’ve put together five of our best tips for making sure your booth is attractive to the attendees. You’ll get more brides stopping at your booth and you’ll be able to talk to them and get details that you can use in your follow up communication.


Add Color and Props

When you register, we will provide you with a 10’ x 10’ space that has a piped and draped backdrop, as well as a 6’ table with a skirt and 2 chairs. From there, the rest is up to you! Bring your own table cloths in your logo’s colors to decorate the table. You can even bring an additional small table to set out front and display some of your work. You can bring easels to set up photos of your work, or even add props like a vintage suitcase or rotating shoe rack.


Go Vertical

The best way to be seen from across the room is to go vertical. Find a tall bookshelf to set up some examples or photos of your work. Hang your company banner up high on your backdrop. Set a tall centerpiece at the middle of your table. Anything you can think of to be taller than the displays around you will attract more attention to your booth.


Bring Examples

Depending on what you do, you may be able to bring examples of your work to the show. If you’re a florist, bring a variety of bouquets. If you’re a baker, make mini cupcakes to pass out. If you’re a hair stylist, you can display your work via wigs on mannequins.

If you work in a business where bringing examples isn’t an option, bring in high-quality photos to display instead. Having large prints on display at your booth is the ideal way to show off your venue, honeymoon destination, or photography skills.


Give Aways

Everyone loves getting something for free. It can be as small as a piece of candy or mint wrapped in your business logo, or as large as custom bobble head with your business information printed on the bottom.

Of course, there’s also the option to do a giveaway via a drawing. Have custom note pads made where brides can fill out their contact information as well as something about their wedding that you may need to know. You can use these entries for follow up emails and to choose the big winner.


Your Crew and Attitude

One of the biggest tips we can provide is to bring help with you! Whether it’s your business partner, assistant, spouse, or friend, having someone to help at your booth is a major asset. Not only can they help set up and tear down the booth, they can also discuss your business with brides while you’re busy talking to others.

It’s also important to make yourself look approachable. Stand up at the front of your booth space instead of sitting in the corner or behind a table. Even pay attention to your body language. Something as simple as crossing your arms can be a huge turn-off for those walking past your space.


Request More Information Today!

Becoming a bridal show vendor is a huge benefit to many local businesses. We hope these tips help you shine at your next event! To learn more about becoming a vendor, read our testimonials or request more information. We would love to see you at the next Georgia Bridal Show event!