6 Delicious Wedding Cake Bakeries in Augusta, GA

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When searching for wedding cakes, Augusta, GA, couples have a lot of options. You can go for a traditional tiered cake, quirky flavors, or trendy presentations such as cupcakes, or you can work with your baker to develop a cake that is unique to your preferences. First, however, you need to choose the baker. Here are some businesses where you can get wedding cakes in Augusta, GA.



Publix Super Markets has locations throughout the area, with some near Augusta. The on-staff decorators have a lot of experience making cakes for weddings as well as other occasions. You can look at the cakes in the bakery to get a sense of the options and then put in your order along with anything else you need from the market.


A Piece Of Cake Bakery

If they need wedding cakes, Augusta, GA, brides can also travel to A Piece of Cake Bakery. Located in Martinez, this bakery is just minutes from Augusta. Started by the Smoak’s girls and owned by Jean Posey, this bakery can make nearly any type of cake, and they also have the famous Augusta Easter Eggs. Don’t forget to ask about the honeymoon square so that you can enjoy cake at the wedding but also in the days after the wedding.


Beyond Usual Cakes

Situated in Appling, GA Beyond Usual Cakes is about 30 minutes away from Augusta. In terms of wedding cakes, Augusta, GA, couples can get a range of great designs that perfectly match the unique flavor of their wedding, their personality, their color scheme, and their favorite colors. These cakes are considered to be beyond distinctive, beyond delicious, and beyond usual, and you may want to sample some of the options to determine if these are the right cakes for your wedding.


Cake Occasions By Katie Jiminez

At Cake Occasions by Katie Jiminez the wedding cakes are completely customized to your special day. You don’t want the same cake as your friend or cousin. You want a cake the reflects your special journey and your preferences. The cake is one of the first sweet foods that you eat together as a married couple, and this cake shop located in Martinez, just a few minutes from Augusta, can provide you with any shape or size of cake, in nearly any flavor, with decorations and designs that make you happy.


Lil’ Dutch Bakery

At Lil’ Dutch Bakery, couples can get cakes that are delicious down to every last crumb. In addition to wedding cakes, this venue offers grooms cakes, cakes for the rehearsal dinner, and more. They can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect cake for your festivities.


Sugarbakers of Augusta

Reviewers of Sugarbakers note that the cake is delicious and the prices are reasonable. Located in Augusta, this bakery is very convenient for brides and grooms who live in the area. You can choose all kinds of icing such as Swiss Buttercream, Italian Buttercream, French Buttercream, Fondant and Coaches, as well as a range of cake flavors that are all perfectly made, moist, and fluffy.


To find wedding cakes, Augusta, GA, couples should come to the next Georgia Bridal Show. If you own a bakery, contact us about exhibiting today.