6 Stellar Success Tips for Bridal Show Wedding Vendors


For wedding vendors in Georgia looking to earn more customers, trade shows and wedding expos such as the Georgia Bridal Show are the perfect place to expand your client base. Bridal shows give vendors the chance to connect with hundreds of brides-to-be, many of whom are actively seeking the goods/services that you may be selling.

Registering to become a vendor at a bridal show can be a difference maker for a business that’s struggling to break into its local market and achieve greater brand recognition. However, if a business owner isn’t properly prepared for the event, they can miss out on a major opportunity to expand their network and get new leads.

To make the most of your experience as a bridal show vendor, be sure to follow the tips below.

1. Give Your Booth a Unique Design

At a bridal show, your brand is competing with dozens of vendors for attendees’ attention. In order to stand out from the competition, your booth needs a unique look. If you’ve got an eye for design and are good with DIY projects, you can probably handle the task on your own.

However, if you need the help of an experienced professional, there are many expo/trade show design companies that specialize in constructing custom displays that are sure to make your brand stand out. It’s important to remember to make your booth inviting, as bridal shows are all about face-to-face interaction and making people comfortable. Combining signage, photos, furniture, and other interactive visual elements will guarantee a unique appeal. Rather than sitting behind a table full of brochures and twiddling your thumbs, consider creating a more homey, informal booth that encourages couples to sit down and look through your portfolio, samples, swatches, or whatever you may be selling.

2. Provide Giveaways at Your Booth

Giveaways make your booth more engaging and entice people to interact with you; they also give you a chance to showcase your products and services in a creative way. Your brand will surely leave a stronger impression on potential clients if you give them something to go home with.

Depending on your business, you may want to give visitors branded samples of your product so they can get a hands-on experience with what you’re offering them; if they like what they got, they’ll likely reach back out to you with the information you’ve provided them. Doing a raffle that requires submission of contact information is a great way to leave the bridal show with new leads.

3. Advertise/Promote Leading Up to the Show

The Georgia Bridal Show utilizes a number of marketing strategies to draw in attendees, but as a bridal show vendor, you should never pass on an opportunity to market yourself before a major event. While the Georgia Bridal Show has a substantial following of its own, you likely have brand followers that have been waiting for a chance to see your products in person.

Regardless of if you communicate with clients via email, snail mail, phone, or social media, it’s wise to utilize every method possible to promote your involvement in an upcoming bridal show. Be sure to include all of the most important information, including when and where the event takes place, the products you’re showcasing, and any special deals they may qualify for by attending.

4. Prepare Everything in the Days Leading Up to the Show

Proper preparation is key to making the most of your time at a bridal show. In the days leading up to the show, it’s important that you make sure every aspect of your presentation is in order, whether it be the booth, products, signage, business cards, food, or anything else you intend to offer potential clients. Waiting until the day before—or the day of—the bridal show to take care of any loose ends will add unnecessary pressure to the process of setting up and presenting.

Be sure to perfect a solid sales pitch in the days leading up to the bridal show, as well. When someone steps in your booth, you want to be able to clearly articulate what it is you do and why your brand is superior. If you’re not sure what to say, consider taking some time with a friend, relative, or colleague to practice answering questions about your business.

5. Be Personable and Engage with Potential Leads

Being a bridal show vendor is a great opportunity for your business, but only if you make the most of it! In order to truly make an impression and make lasting connections, you need to socialize and engage with the people around you. Sitting at your booth and passively watching attendees go by will yield fewer results than getting up and actively communicating with the people in attendance.

If you’re going to the bridal show solo, come with a smile and some icebreakers to get the conversation going. If you have a team working with you, send your brightest, most personable employees, so you can put your best foot forward.

6. Collect Information at the Show and Be Sure to Follow Up

Showcasing your brand at the Georgia Bridal Show gives you a unique opportunity to cultivate new relationships, find clients, and build your network. The most successful vendors make it a priority to collect as many contacts as possible, and then follow up with the connections shortly after.

Asking for visitors to sign up directly is always an option, but there are a few other ways you can gather information in a non-invasive way. Aside from placing a traditional signup sheet at your booth, you can do a raffle or giveaway to entice clients to share their information. Offering a discount on goods/services is a powerful incentive for potential clients who may be hesitant to provide contact information.

Aside from the clients, bridal shows are also a great place to expand your network with other vendors. More often than not, you’ll meet vendors who can provide referrals for your business and vice versa. Shared leads are one of the largest benefits of having a sizeable network within the industry.

No matter how many connections you make, none of them will return any value unless you reach out to them while they’re interested. Be sure to follow up with leads and new industry connections within a week or two to continue cultivating the relationship.

Become a Registered Georgia Bridal Show Vendor Today

At the Georgia Bridal Show, you have a unique opportunity to meet quality leads who are planning weddings and hopefully turn them into clients. But you need to make the most of your experience as a bridal show vendor. Keep the above tips in mind and enjoy yourself. If you’re having fun, attendees will see that, and they may be even more drawn to your booth, your products or services, your brand, and your business. To learn more about how to become a bridal show vendor, contact us today.