7 Tips for Picking Out Your Perfect Wedding Shoes


So much attention goes towards the wedding dress – and for a good reason! But while all eyes are on the dress, it is easy to forget about a part of the outfit that is equally as important: the shoes. In terms of both comfort and style, it is important to pick the perfect pair to walk down the aisle in. If you are putting together your wedding day outfit, these tips will help you choose the best shoes for your celebration.


Set a Shoe Budget

Before even stepping foot in a store or searching online, you should set a budget for yourself so that you don’t end up overspending. This will help you out the shopping process – you’ll be able to narrow down your options with a budget in place!


Focus on the Dress First (But Buy the Shoes Soon After)

If you love shoes, you may have been eyeing options before even thinking about your dress. While it may be tempting, finalize your dress choice first. Even if you have a general idea of the dress style you are going for, it is best to wait until you have your final option to make sure your shoes coordinate perfectly. However, once you do buy your dress, you’ll want to pick out your shoes sooner rather than later. Logistically, you’ll want to wear them to your alteration appointments to make sure your dress is altered perfectly. You’ll also want to leave time to make sure they arrive on time if you order over the phone or online.


Try Them On In-Person

Online shopping has changed the retail game, but you should still try on your wedding shoe options in-person before settling on a final pair. Of course, you could also shop online since there will be more options, but make sure the retailer has a reasonable return policy. Shoes can be tricky – they’ll look great on the shelf or in pictures, but once you actually try them on, there’s a good chance they won’t fit quite right. This means it’s particularly important to give your shoe options a test run before settling on the final choice,


Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Color

While it is more traditional to go with white or nude shoes, a fun colorful pair will beautifully pop against a white dress. Bold shoes are a great way to show off your style! Find a hue that matches your wedding color palette, or one that coordinates with what your spouse-to-be is wearing. If you are looking for your “something blue,” blue shoes are also a popular way to check it off your list.


Consider Your Venue

You should take your venue into consideration when picking out your shoes. For one, your venue can serve as inspiration for your shoe choice. If you are hosting a beachside wedding, you may opt for strappy sandals, whereas if you are doing a rustic wedding, you may rock cowboy boots. On the more practical side, you’ll also need to consider the grounds. If your venue has a more unstable landscape, you’ll need to choose shoes that will be fine walking through the terrain. You should also consider how the weather can impact the venue if you’ll be outside at all. For example, if your ceremony will be in a grassy area, you may want a backup pair of shoes that will be fine in slightly damp grass in case there is a bit of rain.


Keep Comfort in Mind

While you want to look your best, you’ll also need to prioritize comfort. You’ll be wearing these shoes for hours, and will be on your feet for a good amount of the time. Go for a pair of shoes that fit your style, but make sure you can still walk pain-free while wearing them! If you do come across a pair of gorgeous but slightly uncomfortable shoes, consider wearing them down the aisle, and having a more dance-worthy pair to wear during your reception. In fact, even if you do feel comfortable in your wedding shoes, be sure to pack a spare pair of flats just in case you really want to let loose!


Break Them In

This is crucial, even if you are wearing shoes that you consider to be on the comfier side. If you have a new pair of shoes, in the weeks leading up to your wedding, spend some time wearing them around your house to break them in a bit. Your feet will thank you on your big day!


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