Choosing the Best Tuxedo Rental for Savannah’s Heat

The weather in gorgeous Savannah, Georgia can be extremely hot and muggy. So what should you do when you have a wedding or another formal event that you want to attend stylishly dressed? Here’s the good news — with the right tuxedo rental in Savannah, you can look and feel great, even in the heat.


Tuxedos Versus Suits

When they start looking at tuxedo rental, Savannah residents often wonder what the difference is between a tuxedo and a suit. As a general rule of thumb, tuxedos are trimmed in silky satin, on the lapels but also in a strip down the outside of each leg. In contrast, suits are almost always all one material on both the jacket and trousers. Finally while tuxedos have silk-covered buttons, only regular buttons adorn suits.


The Right Material

When choosing tuxedo rentals, Savannah grooms should think about the material. Wool drapes beautifully and has a sleek, polished look, and while insulating, it’s also breathable and durable.

You can choose a half-lined suit for a lighter feel, but you can also opt for lighter-weight materials and looser weaves to create more airflow and minimize heat under the coat. You may want to consider the following materials:

  • Linen: A classic material that wrinkles very easily, linen is best blended with cotton or wool.
  • Cotton: Although stiffer than wool, cotton is cooler.
  • Seersucker: Seersucker is a unique cotton fabric that is probably best for less formal occasions.
  • Fresco Wool: Designed for use in summer, Fresco wool creates a crisp but elegant and refined look. Also called tropical wool, this material helps to wick moisture away from your body so it can evaporate quickly.

Or, instead of playing with different materials, try a lighter color. For instance, rather than traditional black, wear a gray pinstripe suit. The lighter color will absorb less heat from the sun and you can style it up with accessories in fun colors and patterns. Consider ditching the cumberbund and perhaps even the vest to stay cooler yet.


Other Tips for Staying Cool

You may want to try the following tips to stay cool:

  • Wear a sweat-proof undershirt.
  • Remember that fine threads and looser weaves add to a textile’s breathability.
  • Avoid artificial fibers because they are generally non-breathable.
  • A tight cotton weave holds both air and moisture in, but a light, breathable wool is much cooler.
  • Add breathable cotton insoles to your shoes.
  • Minimize coffee and alcohol, and drink water to stay hydrated and sweat less.


To get more ideas, check out these vendors at the next Georgia Bridal Show:

Jos. A. Bank

When looking for tuxedo rental Savannah grooms should check out Jos. A. Bank. Located at 5525 Abercorn St #30 in Savannah, GA, Jos. A. Bank offers high quality men’s apparel. Choose anything from formal tuxedos to casual lightweight suits.


Men’s Wearhouse

Found at 7929 Abercorn St #205, Savannah, GA, Men’s Wearhouse does both off-the-rack and custom tuxedo rental. You can also find designer business and formal suits as well as less formal options.


Menguin Tuxedos

With Menguin Tuxedos, you don’t even have to go into the store. You can handle the entire tuxedo rental process online. The site has a wide variety of tuxedos, and you can find something for the groomsmen as well. Best of all, the process is easy.


As you can see, it’s possible to enjoy a wedding or a summer shindig in Savannah and still look and feel cool. As far as choosing the best tuxedo rental in Savannah, go out and talk to people in the shops or come to the next Georgia Bridal Show to meet great vendors such as Jos. A. Bank, Men’s Wearhouse, and Menguin.

If your business does tuxedo rental in Savannah, contact us today. We can let you know more about the benefits of exhibiting at the next Georgia Bridal Show.