Best Ways for Georgia Bridal Show Vendors to Get More Leads



At the Georgia Bridal Show, you have an immense opportunity to connect with your target customers and earn new leads. Bridal shows have always been one of the top places to make new connections in the industry, so it’s important to come to them with a plan.

Luckily, with the information we’ve gathered over the years of running our show, we’ve come away with some great strategies for gaining new leads and driving the success of your company. Here’s an inside look at these tips and how you can become one of the many successful Georgia bridal show vendors.

1. Build a Vibrant Display

With a vibrant, eye-catching display, you can capture the attention of people who may have otherwise wandered by booth. Your display should use bright colors and feature a design that guides the eye to your products. Showcase your brand prominently to build awareness of your company and entice potential clients to come closer

Vendors can really stand out by using vertical space to their advantage. Consider using table risers and linens to make your display taller and easier to see from a distance, and put your products and marketing materials at eye level to draw attention for closer prospects. The more you expand your display vertically, the more it will act as a beacon, drawing people from afar as they get a glimpse of your brand.

2. Chat It Up

When potential clients come by your booth, you need to make them feel welcome. Draw them in with a warm, friendly greeting, and make a lasting impression with some conversation about their wedding date, personal interests, and wedding needs. It’s always easier to start the sales process through in-person interaction, so you have a way better shot of moving forward with a client when you meet them at a bridal show.

In order to best use your time, you should spend a few moments at the start of the conversation qualifying your leads. To do so, ask them about their:

Planned wedding date

Preferred wedding location

Current wedding needs

Current wedding vendor bookings

Wedding budget

With this information, you can determine if they are in need of your products or services — and worth taking to the next step in the sales cycle.

3. Collect Contact Info & Follow Up

The primary reason people attend bridal shows is to learn more about the brands out there that can support their wedding day dreams. That being said, everyone there is interested in communicating, networking, and staying in touch, so it’s wise to collect as much contact information as possible before the show is over.

Every connection you make is a potential customer, so it’s important to have a system in place for quickly and efficiently collecting contact information from guests. Running a promotion or a giveaway that requires a sign up is a great incentive for getting potential customers to provide their contact information. Utilizing a traditional clipboard, an iPad or mobile electronic device to capture information is a great strategy for getting contact information from prospects with minimal friction.

Getting an attendee’s contact information is only the first part of the process; you must be sure to follow up with them quickly afterward, before they forget about your or find another vendor that offers the same service. Be sure to reach out via phone or email within the next week, while the lead is still warm.

4. Run a Contest

When you run a contest, you give guests an opportunity to engage with your brand and learn more about your products and services. If you run a contest at a bridal show, you’re more likely to attract guests who are interested in winning something free. The primary goal when running a contest is to build brand awareness within the space, and to collect as much information as possible from guests who may be interested in winning.

As bridal show attendees fill out your contest forms with vital contact information, you will gain leads that can help bolster the success of your future marketing campaigns. With this approach, your return can far outweigh your investment, helping your company get the most out of your Georgia Bridal Show experience.

5. Build Your Network

As a bridal show vendor, you’re surrounded by dozens of other business owners within your industry. Instead of looking at them as competition, look at them as assets; they all have clients and partners that may be interested in purchasing whatever product or service you’re offering.

You can chat with other bridal show vendors before and after the show to learn more about each other’s brand’s and what you’re selling. You may be able to work out a partnership in which you trade leads or refer a client to a vendor in exchange for future business. Your network determines your net worth, so make sure you’re engaging with as many vendors as possible while you have the opportunity.

6. Send a Reminder

With the incredible amount of information attendees learn at the Georgia bridal show, they often go home with their minds swimming with the possibilities. To help their thoughts circle back to your brand, make sure to send a follow-up email or other reminder right away.

Your prompt follow-ups will go a long way in reminding people how your brand can help create their perfect wedding day. Your efforts will not only result in more interested leads for your company, but also improved recognition of your brand.

Get More Leads at the Georgia Bridal Show

The Georgia Bridal Show is a great opportunity for wedding vendors in Georgia to build connections and earn more leads. In an environment with so many potential clients and partners, it’s wise to come prepared for success.

If you’re ready to expand your book of business, register to become a vendor at the Georgia Bridal Show, or contact us today.