Bouquet Alternatives for the Non-Traditional Bride

Bouquets may be the traditional standard for brides and bridesmaids to carry as they walk down the aisle, but many are choosing to mix it up and take a different path. Whether you have allergies, don’t feel like flowers are really your style, or just want to try something more unique, these are some of the best and most creative wedding bouquet alternatives for you to consider.


Brooch Bouquet

This idea still nods towards the traditional bouquet, but with a unique twist. You can buy premade brooch bouquets online, assemble your own, or even hire someone to create it for you. If you are choosing your own brooches for the bouquet, take some time going through thrift stores to find options that match your style and wedding color scheme. See if any family members have some that you can use in your bouquet for a sweet and personal touch. Plus, it’s a great way to check off your something borrowed!


Whimsical Balloons

Add a bit of child-like whimsy with balloons! Be sure to pick out colors that match your color scheme so everything coordinates perfectly. Balloons can look particularly nice in spring or summer weddings, since they add a bright and playful touch.


Pretty Parasols

This is another idea that works particularly well with summer and spring weddings. You and your bridesmaids can walk down the aisle carrying lovely parasols that match your color scheme. Plus, they’ll keep you protected from the sun – a win-win!


Unique Clutches

If you or your bridesmaids won’t be carrying bouquets, why not add some color or shimmer with fun clutches? You can even make a day out of it, and go shopping with your bridesmaids to find stylish clutches that match their personalities. If you are going for a more vintage aesthetic for your wedding, this can be a particularly great idea, especially if you find your clutches at a thrift store.


Paper or Felt Flowers

Paper or felt flowers still feel somewhat traditional, but they add a unique element to the traditional bouquet. You can create your own paper or felt flower bouquets if you are particularly crafty, or order them from an online vendor.


Sheet Music Flowers

This is the perfect idea for musicians! If music is close to your heart, walk down the aisle with some beautiful paper flowers made out of sheet music. For a personal touch, you can choose sheet music from a song that is meaningful to the two of you, or the sheet music to the song you are walking down the aisle to.


Functional and Stylish Fans

Throwing a spring or summer wedding? Then kill two birds with one stone with fans that can keep you cool while adding style to your wedding. There are a variety of fan styles available to purchase online, from feather fans to bamboo paddle fans, so every bride can find one that fits her wedding aesthetic.


Cozy Fur Muff

Throwing a winter wedding? Then stay warm and add to the winter aesthetic by using fur muffs. They’ll add beautiful texture to the overall wedding decor scheme, and you and your bridesmaids will be thankful to have a little something extra to keep yourselves warm.


Illuminating Lanterns

Lit lanterns can be particularly romantic during evening weddings, but they’ll look just as pretty during the daytime, as well. Pick up some lanterns that match your wedding decor, and light the way down the aisle!


Natural Bouquet

Maybe you still want something natural to carry as you walk down the aisle. Then why not create a bouquet out of less traditional plants? You can easily create a bouquet using eucalyptus leaves, dried lavender, olive branches, or any other plant-based elements.


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