Budget-Friendly Wedding Decorating Tips


Decor can eat up a huge portion of the overall wedding budget. While couples want to deck out their wedding venue to fit their style, they can also struggle with finding ways to do so within their budget. These budget-friendly wedding decorating tips will help you make a statement without stressing out your finances.


Look at What Your Venue Naturally Offers

When you are using a wedding venue that is already naturally gorgeous, you might not need to go as crazy with the decor as you might’ve thought. For example, if the venue features a beautiful oak tree that you’ll be getting married under, you probably don’t have to create a decked-out wedding arch. Or, if there is a fountain in the middle of the courtyard, use that as the focal point during cocktail hour, rather than a floral arrangement.  Take a walk through your wedding venue to determine where you actually need to add decor, and where you can rely on the natural beauty of the space.


Repurpose Your Flowers and Decor Elements

Wedding flowers can take up a huge part of the overall wedding decor budget. One of the easiest ways to cut down on costs is to reuse some of the flowers from the ceremony during the reception. Consider using the bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces, or using some of the floral arrangements along the aisle throughout the reception space. The same can be done with other design elements used during the ceremony. For example, if you use an arch, place it behind your sweetheart table during the reception. There are a lot of ways to repurpose flowers and decor pieces if you get creative!


Go Green

Greenery can add the same natural element that you get with flowers but is often a lot cheaper. Find ways you can add green elements throughout the space. You can use garlands or branches on the tables, add leaves to centerpieces, or even get potted plants to add throughout the space.


Light Up the Space

Lighting can make a huge impact on a wedding venue. Hang up string lights around the venue to add a romantic glow without breaking the bank. There is a good chance you (or some generous friends and family) already own some string lights from the holidays that you can use!


Use Food and Drink as Decor

Some of your food and drink choices can serve two purposes: they can add color and pizazz, while still, of course, offering sustenance to guests. Dozens of flutes of champagne displayed on a table during cocktail hour is enough to add some sparkle, while mason jars of colorful candy on a dessert table can add color and whimsy.


Tie Ribbons Around Chairs

Seat covers add elegance to a space, but can get expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that will have the same effect, turn to ribbons. Find wide ribbons that match your color scheme, and tie them around the chairs for a bit of elegance.


Get Creative with Centerpieces

While floral arrangements are the standard, you are allowed to think outside of the box when creating your centerpieces. Think of decor elements beyond flowers that can help you fill out the space. Candles, framed photos, larger seashells, feathers, mason jars, and even old books can look wonderful, and candelabras and decorative vases can add height to the centerpieces. By using these items, you can cut down on expensive flowers – or potentially even forgo them all together for the centerpieces!


Look at What You Already Own

You may be able to fill out your space with some furniture pieces and miscellaneous items you already own. Think of throw pillows, blankets, mirrors, books, framed photos, or even some chairs, tables, or loveseats. You can even ask close friends or family members if they’d be willing to let you borrow some of their pieces for the night. You’ll save on decor and furniture rentals, and will be able to add an extra personal touch.


Rent and Shop Secondhand

When you have to source decor items that you don’t already own, decor rental houses should be your first place to look for budget-friendly options. If you aren’t able to find what you are looking for at your local rental companies, try shopping secondhand. You’ll find a variety of unique decor elements for a fraction of the price of the things you’d buy new.


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