Budget-Friendly Wedding Rehearsal Ideas


A rehearsal dinner might seem like yet another event that will add to the ever-growing wedding bill, but it doesn’t have to break the bank! It is possible to throw a rehearsal dinner celebration that is fun and festive, but still wallet-friendly. If you are looking to throw an amazing rehearsal dinner on a budget, try out these great wedding rehearsal ideas.


Throw a Backyard Bash with Home-Cooked Food

Throwing your rehearsal dinner at someone’s home will cut down on event space costs, and home-cooked food will give the celebration a more intimate and personal vibe. If you don’t have a family member or friend with a space that can fit the rehearsal dinner guests, you could also go for a local park. Whatever location you choose, keep in mind that it is best not to throw this at the bride and groom’s home. They won’t want to be stuck with clean-up duty the night before their wedding!


Try throwing a backyard BBQ, complete with your favorite sides and a cooler full of beer. If you have some professional home-cooks in your wedding party and family, you could even do a potluck-style party, where everyone brings their favorite dish.


Look to Affordable Catering Choices

If the DIY approach isn’t your style, but you still want to save a bit by hosting your dinner at a home or local park, look for budget-friendly catering options. A taco party is a great affordable choice, and your local Mexican restaurant will likely have a catering package that fits your needs. Other cuisines that won’t stretch your budget include Italian, Chinese, or any that focus more on family-style eating. For a fun and casual party, you can even throw a pizza party with all your favorite toppings!


Turn to the More Casual Restaurants

If you are set on throwing your rehearsal dinner in a restaurant, look for those that are kinder to the wallet. Your rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be a formal affair, so a casual, family-friendly restaurant can be the perfect setting for your pre-wedding bash. When looking at restaurants, look for spaces that have event rooms or areas that suit the number of guests on your list. If you aren’t sure where to start, look at local restaurants with the budget-friendly types of food mentioned above.


On top of this, rather than allowing everyone to order what they’d like, work with the restaurant to create a set menu so that guests don’t accidentally rack up the bill. You could also do buffet-style if the restaurant offers it, or family-style cuisine where you order ahead of time so that there aren’t any surprise costs.


Ditch the Dinner Idea

Sure, it is traditionally a rehearsal dinner, but it is your party—you’re allowed to break the rules a bit! Skipping the dinner can dramatically reduce your per-guest plate prices, and gives you the chance to do something a bit more out of the box. Try a more cocktail hour style rehearsal, with appetizers and finger foods. If you have a sweet tooth, it could be a lot of fun to do a dessert and drinks party. Or, for those who love breakfast food, you can throw a morning rehearsal and break out a breakfast bar, complete with your favorite cereals, mimosas and juices, and a waffle machine!


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