How to Choose a Wedding Coordinator in Atlanta

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider and sometimes the stress can just be too much. A wedding coordinator in Atlanta can take some of the pressure off you and make sure your special day goes forward without a hitch. Here are just some of the ways that a wedding coordinator can help.



There are a thousand things that need to get done before your wedding. A wedding coordinator in Atlanta can make sure that everything is on schedule and going as planned. These professionals have done all of this many times before, so they know how long things take and when each step needs to be completed.


Handling the Unexpected

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s inevitable with a big celebration and lots of people. But if things do go wrong, wouldn’t you rather have someone on hand who has dealt with these issues before? Someone who can handle them professionally and unemotionally? Wedding coordinators can handle the unexpected so that you can concentrate on what’s important.


Letting You Relax and Enjoy the Day

Hiring a wedding coordinator in Atlanta allows you to relax and enjoy your day. When there is someone there to make sure everything is going as planned, you can just be the bride or the groom.


What Should You Look for in a Wedding Coordinator?

Depending on your budget, you might want a full-service coordinator who handles every aspect of the big day, someone who just helps you choose the venue and vendors, or someone who is just on hand for your actual wedding day. You’ll also want to make sure that they understand your vision and are able to work within your budget. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice, as you’ll be spending a lot of time together. Ideally, you should also ensure they are established and have experience handling your type of wedding. Finally, check to see if they have enough time available to give you the attention you deserve. Here are some wedding coordinators in Atlanta that might suit your needs.

A Very Special Wedding

These wedding coordinators take a step-by-step approach to everything including flowers, decor, lighting, drapery, staging, and more. They try to make the planning process easy, enjoyable, and affordable, regardless of whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large production. They also have a network of trusted wedding professionals who can customize their services to meet your needs. On the big day, they are on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly and works with your vision.


Blush Pink Weddings

Blush Pink Weddings is an Atlanta wedding management company. They specialize in wedding coordinating services in northern Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas. When you hire Blush Pink Weddings, you can relax and enjoy your day.


Belle Amore Weddings

Getting married is one of life’s biggest rites of passage. The team at Belle Amore Weddings believes that you deserve happy memories and a joyful experience. You shouldn’t be weighed down in the stress of planning. When you let this wedding coordinator in Atlanta handle the details, you can focus on enjoying your special day.


To meet a wedding coordinator in Atlanta, come down to the next Georgia Bridal Show. We have wedding coordinators as well as a variety of other professionals waiting to meet you. If you are a wedding professional, contact us today about exhibiting at our event or being showcased on our website.