Classic Wedding Themes for your Georgia Wedding

When it comes to planning your big day, selecting the perfect wedding theme is a great way to truly add your own personal touch to the big event. Many people think of weddings as a simple but elegant ceremony with a white dress, some yummy hors d’oeuvres and maybe a few flowers. This is why it’s important to add your own touch to your wedding day. So, you may be wondering, what are some classic wedding themes and styles to bring your Georgia wedding to life?


  1. Classic Wedding

If we are talking about wedding themes, we have to mention the overall classic wedding style. This wedding style is what some may refer to “timeless” or a more “formal” wedding, and they would be correct. Classic weddings will never go out of style as they are, in fact, timeless; this means the bride will be wearing her elegant white gown while the groom is in his finest tux. More often than not, the dress code for classic weddings is black-tie optional.

Where to host this wedding:

Classic weddings typically hold their ceremony in a church while hosting the reception in either a ballroom, garden or even vineyard.

What you’ll need to bring this idea to life:

In order to create the perfect ambiance for your classic wedding, you may want to hire a band over a DJ to play some of your favorite, romantic songs live. You will also need your classic arrangement of flowers, typically roses or white lilies. Lastly, set the scene with a few fairy lights and pop open that bottle of champagne.


  1. Glamorous Wedding

A glamorous wedding style is often also referred to as a lavish or luxurious wedding theme. This is typically due to the fact that everything about it is meant to be captivating and extravagant. These weddings are known for crystal chandeliers, cocktails, black-tie dress codes, and only the best of flowers including long-stem roses, English roses and garden roses. Nevertheless, you should never be afraid to break the rules; it is your wedding after all.

Where to host this wedding:

To host the perfect glamorous wedding, consider choosing venues such as ballrooms, mansions, or other luxurious estates.

What you’ll need to bring this idea to life:

What makes a wedding glamorous in addition to the venue? Adding a bit of drama! Whether that refers to the attire, the color combinations, the menu or the décor, remember to make a lasting impact on your guests; besides, what’s a wedding without a little bit of drama? Let’s not forget the music. When it comes to glamorous weddings, be sure to create playlist that sets the tone well with your cocktail hour.


  1. Bohemian Wedding

Lastly, what is a classic wedding theme list without a boho wedding? Bohemian wedding styles are always so simple yet remain ever-so chic. If your dream wedding board on your Pinterest page includes a fairy princess aesthetic with a hint of natural and vintage details, then a bohemian wedding may be the perfect theme for your special day.

Where to host this wedding:

The perfect venues for this nomadic wedding style are botanical gardens, greenhouses or maybe even rustic barns.

What you’ll need to bring this idea to life:

This laidback, garden party should always include a cozy lounging area for your guests, twinkle lights, greenery and tons and tons flowers. Typically, brides and bridesmaids alike will opt for braided hairstyles and earth-toned dresses. As previously mentioned, bohemian weddings are on the whole simple yet always fun to plan and attend.


These are three of the many different styles of classic weddings. Have any of these simple ideas sparked your interest? If so, let’s get planning!