Creating Your Wedding Website

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a ton of items on the to-do list. A to-do list can continue to expand when guests begin to request registry information and other questions about your special day. To avoid adding to your already long list, consider utilizing a wedding website where information guests need to know is located.

Popular sites to build a web page easily are Squarespace and WordPress. With both sites offering customized templates, creating a wedding site is quick and easy. These sites can be included on the bottom of your wedding invitations or a separate paper included in your invites. Guests can visit the site and find all the information they need for your wedding.


Create a Theme

If you have a theme for your weddings, such as a black-tie requirement or a barnyard-styled wedding, find a template that flows with your desired theme. Using a custom domain name can also create uniqueness and add to the anticipation of your special day.


Add an RSVP Tab

Mailed in RSVPs can be hard to keep track of or even receive back. Plus, postage also costs money from your wedding budget. Adding in an RSVP tab can ensure quick responses. Including in RSVPs meal requests is also beneficial while giving your venue a headcount.


Sights in the Area

If your guests are coming from out of town and plan on staying a few days, highlighting the must-see sights in the area can be beneficial. Include favorite restaurants, parks, and nail salons. You can also choose a hashtag to encourage guests to post photos from your wedding or around town.


Provide a Map

While the day of your wedding can come with a multitude of tasks, your guests also have a to-do list of their own. From checking in to a hotel to finding the location of the ceremony and venue, guests can become easily overwhelmed. By providing a map of the ceremony and reception location, guests can know where they need to go on the day of the wedding. Squarespace allows for geotags to tag specific locations on maps, so guests can easily navigate their way to the ceremony.


Include an Abundance of Information

Every detail can be important to guests. Although some details and questions might be obvious to you, they might not be for others. Include questions that answer the day-of details. Including dress code, the timing of events, transportation, nearby hotels, and parking can greatly assist. These details make it easier for guests to plan their itinerary and feel comfortable knowing what to do.


Getting Started

Your wedding website can help build anticipation for the grand event. When getting started, pick out a few of your favorite engagement photos to show off on the site and add character. Create your wedding website to assist in easing the planning process.