Creative Decor Elements to Add to Your Wedding Reception Tables


There is so much you can do with wedding reception tables beyond adding bouquets of flowers to the center. While flowers are unequivocally gorgeous, you can also spruce up the tables by adding other decorative elements to the design that speak to your style and the aesthetic of your wedding. If you are trying to figure out how to make your wedding reception tables really pop, use one (or a few!) of these ideas to personalize the look to your unique taste.


Natural Garlands

Garland runners look wonderful on long rectangular tables. Eucalyptus is very popular, but you can use other natural materials like rosemary, ivy, or fern. Garlands can make a statement on their own, but they can also be spruced up by adding flowers or fruits, or placing small candles around them.


Colorful Table Runners

If you have rectangular tables but are looking for something different than garlands, find some table runners that will add a pop of color to the space. Look for runners that match your color scheme, and find fun patterns that add a bit of personality.


Vintage Books

If you are both voracious readers, using vintage books as table decor is a no-brainer. Take some time to hit up vintage and thrift shops in your area to collect some great reads to add to your tables.


Romantic Lanterns and Candles

Lanterns and candles can serve two purposes: they add a romantic light to the space, but also serve as decoration on their own. There are so many different styles of both lanterns and candles to choose from, so any couple can find options that fit their aesthetic. Consider playing with height by getting both tall and short candles and/or lanterns to add dimension. You can also place candles in decorative votives to add more texture and color to the space.


Glowy Fairy Lights

Looking for a way to add glow without an open flame? Then opt for fairy lights – they add a bit of illumination without a fire hazard. They can be expertly laid across long tables, or filled into vases or bowls to create a makeshift lantern.


Personal Framed Photos

Framed photos will add a sweet personal touch to your wedding reception. Find childhood photos of you and your spouse to print out, as well as some sweet shots you’ve taken throughout your relationship. It is a great way to tell guests the story of the two of you as individuals and as a couple!


Trendy Succulents

Succulents have become the go-to house plant in recent years, so why not take the trend to your wedding reception tables? They’ll add the natural element in the way that bouquets of flowers do, but with a trendy twist. Plus, you can even take them home (or give them away to guests as gifts) as a way to remember your wedding.


Beachy Seashells

If you are hosting a seaside wedding, this is a great choice. Add a nod to your beach venue by collecting some shells that can be added to the tables. You can arrange them around other decor elements, or you can fill clear bowls or vases with your shells of choice.


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