Creative Wedding Cake Ideas for your Georgia Wedding

*Photo via Pam’s Cakes & More

A classic white cake will always look elegant at any wedding celebration, but some couples would rather take a more personal and unique approach with their wedding cake. A wedding cake is not only a delicious treat but also a decor element, so couples should choose a design that best reflects them. Couples looking for a creative cake option for their celebration can consider these unique ideas—and head to some of these top recommended bakeries for the best wedding cakes in Georgia.


Turn to Nature for Inspiration

If you and your future spouse are lovers of the outdoors, try to bring some nature to the design of your cake. Of course, classic flowers will always look lovely on a wedding cake, but you can think a bit outside of the box, too. The Maker and the Baker is an excellent stop for delicious and expertly designed wedding cakes in Augusta, GA. The team uses natural elements, bringing a variety of leaves, fresh fruits, and flowers into the design of their cakes. Couples can also check out Savannah’s Hall of Cakes for nature-inspired wedding cakes in Georgia. The bakery uses the beauty of natural elements to amplify the elegant cakes, such as fall foliage and abundant floral arrangements.


Take a Less is More Approach with Frosting

Traditionally, couples have turned to cakes covered in frosting or fondant, but the naked cake trend has been emerging in the wedding industry as well. This design tactic gives a more natural look to the cake and lets other design pieces shine. Brides and grooms can check out Wicked Cakes of Savannah, a bakery that has created gorgeous naked wedding cakes for Georgia couples.

Play with Shapes and Sizes

The classic round wedding cake will always make a statement, but don’t be afraid to break out of the mold! Hexagons, squares, ovals, multiple different shapes stacked on top of each other—the possibilities are endless. For couples who really want to tie-in a romantic feel, Doraville-based Sweet Hut Bakery has created gorgeous heart-shaped wedding cakes.


In addition to playing with shapes, go ahead and try out different sizes as well. Many couples are starting to do multiple smaller cakes on their cake display table. This gives you the opportunity to have different flavors if you can’t choose one! Others have even made a batch of mini cakes for their guests so that each attendee has their own individual sweet.


Add Textures and Patterns

Couples looking for wedding cakes in Georgia that truly stand out should consider adding different textures or patterns to their dessert, as they can make an average cake truly shine. Brittney Grant, the custom cake artist for Quillian’s Grill & Catering Co. in Gainesville, is an expert at implementing these style elements. Interested customers can look at her vast portfolio, where they’ll see geometric patterns, geode cakes, textured frosting, and much more.


Tie in Your Interests

It is your cake, so you should make it truly reflect you as a couple! If you share a common interest, have a bit of fun and incorporate it into the design of your wedding cake. Pam’s Cakes & More, a bakery and custom cake shop that makes wedding cakes in the Macon, GA area, proves that you can tie in fun elements in an elegant way. Interested customers can look at the company’s gallery, which shows a cake inspired by Harry Potter, a superhero cake, and more.


Don’t Forget the Cake Stand

When it comes to design, the way you display your cake is just as important as the design elements actually on the cake. Atlanta-based Iced Out Cakes, a bakery that creates extravagant wedding cakes for Georgia couples, proves that the display can take a beautiful cake to the next level. They’ve created displays surrounded by romantic candles, covered in fairy lights, framed with balloons, and much more.


Ditch the Cake Altogether

Who says you have to serve a cake at all? If you aren’t a huge cake fan, opt for another one of your favorite desserts instead! La Dolce, a bakery just outside of Augusta in Aiken, SC, offers delicious pies and cheesecakes as part of their menu. Lil’ Dutch Bakery, a one-stop-shop for desserts and wedding cakes in Augusta, GA, offers delightful treats like brownies, cookies, and lemon bars. Decatur-based O’ How Sweet can create extravagant cupcake towers that make a unique statement. Have fun with your dessert choice, and don’t feel tied to the idea of needing to serve a cake.


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