DJ vs. Live Band: Which is Best for Your Wedding?

*Photo via SE Events

When it comes to your wedding celebration, you’ll want to make sure you have great music that will keep your guests energized and in the party mood all night long. But how exactly do you choose between a DJ and a wedding band? Here are a few tips to help you make the decision.


Pinpoint the Aesthetic of Your Wedding

Music plays a major role in establishing the ambience of a celebration. It’s important to know exactly what type of mood you’re going for during your reception. Some couples will want to create a dance club atmosphere, which obviously lends itself to a DJ. Others will want to have a romantic ambiance with a jazz trio

Of course, there are situations on less extreme sides of the spectrum. For example, if you’re having a barn wedding and want country music, both a DJ and live band could work. You may also want to play a variety of current hits and classics. In these more unclear situations, you’ll want to look at a few other factors outlined below.

In addition to the aesthetic, you should also pay attention to the size of your wedding. A DJ playing club beats at an intimate reception will be overwhelming, whereas a small live band may not be adequate for a large celebration.


Look at Your Budget

Of course, your budget will play a big part in what type of music professional you’ll have at your wedding. Generally speaking, DJs will cost less than a band, since you’ll need to pay for more professionals and equipment when hiring a live band. Do some research on DJs and wedding bands in your area to determine what options you have within your budget.


Asses Your Venue Space

Simply put, if you want to have a live band, you’re going to need the physical space for one! Before making any decisions, talk to your venue coordinator to determine exactly how much space you’re working with.


Consider Your Guests

If you have a more dance-averse crowd at your wedding, a DJ probably won’t be the best choice. A live band – particularly rock or big band-style bands that play more upbeat music – offers guests that want to dance the opportunity to tear it up on the dance floor, while still offering the guests that don’t want to groove a fun performance.


Decide How Much Musical Variety You Want

Both live bands and DJs can provide a variety in music, but DJs obviously have the benefit of offering a wider range of musical selections. A skilled band will offer some variety, but will need to work in the confines of the group’s repertoire. If you have a long list of must-play songs that span decades and genres, a band likely won’t be able to cover absolutely everything you want – no matter how skilled the musicians are. A DJ, on the other hand, will likely be able to work off your list and deliver exactly what you want.

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