Everything You Need to Know About Working with a Destination Wedding Planner


If you’re hosting a destination wedding (or deciding whether to have one!), a wedding planner who specializes in these types of celebrations is essential for pulling everything together. Couples planning a destination wedding should keep these things in mind when working with their destination wedding planner.


Why Should You Hire a Destination Wedding Planner?

Is a wedding planner really necessary for a destination wedding? Simply put, it’s highly recommended that you bring a professional on-board when planning a wedding at a distant location.

Planning a destination wedding is more complicated than throwing one in your hometown. On top of the normal planning to-dos, there are unique challenges you face during the destination wedding planning process – and you’ll primarily have to deal with them from hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away!

By working with a professional who specializes in destination weddings, you’ll have someone who knows what obstacles you’re going to face, and will be able to confidently guide you through each of them. If they have a lot of experience in your wedding location, they’ll also have connections and resources that you likely wouldn’t find on your own. This means you’re getting the best local vendors and the best rates.

With that in mind, here are a few things to know when hiring and working with your destination wedding planner.


Your Destination Wedding Planner Will Do More than a Traditional Planner

Of course, they’ll work through the classic wedding planner tasks (which should be discussed with your planner when selecting a planning package and going over contract details), but a destination planner will have additional tasks they’ll be able to do. This includes the following:

  • If you’re unable to see your venue in-person, a destination wedding planner may be able to do a walkthrough for you, and either send you videos or have you “there” on a video chat.
  • They’ll work to connect you with local vendors (ideally that they’ve worked with in the past) so that you can hire the best wedding professionals for the job.
  • A destination wedding planner will be able to guide you through dealing with local permits, as well as abiding by local laws and marriage license requirements (if you are indeed legally getting married in that area – some couples choose to have a symbolic destination wedding, and then get legally married back home).
  • They’ll be able to give you travel guidance and make any necessary transportation plans if needed to ensure you and your guests get to the destination safely.


Expect to Pay for Travel Expenses for Your Wedding Planner

One last thing to keep in mind: you’ll most likely have to pay for travel expenses for your wedding planner. This means airfare (or footing the bill for whatever mode of transportation they’re using), lodging, and a per diem. Keep in mind that they’ll likely go to the destination a few days before the wedding to start coordinating with vendors and prepping. Be sure to discuss this with your planner before signing the contract to make sure you’re fully aware of the expenses.


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