Four Tips for Providing Shade at Your Backyard Wedding


Backyard weddings are trendy, and they will likely stay popular for years to come. As backyard weddings allow you to create your dream wedding without restrictions, couples are beginning to gravitate towards this intimate option. Whether you’re hosting your wedding during the summer, fall, or winter, it’s important to consider shade options for the comfort of your guests.


Ceiling Drapes

Mix elegance and shade by using ceiling drapes. Ceiling drapes can create an illusion of a ceiling that is visually pleasing while also providing shade. Perhaps get a bit creative with the drapery and weave strands of lights around them for a romantic feel.


Clear Top Tents

Enjoy the beautiful setting of the outdoors while being secured from harmful UV rays in a clear top tent. This translucent tent protects guests from harsh weather conditions. For extra shade, add ceiling drapes for a classy touch.



A canopy is a perfect and simple option for providing shade in your backyard. Coming in different shapes and sizes, you are guaranteed to find a canopy to fit all your guests under. If you want to dress up space a bit more, add a magical touch to the ceiling by putting strands of lights, or add drapes on the sides.


Shade Sails

Perfect for enhancing an outdoor environment, shade sails are a classy and effortless shade provider. You might have to purchase or rent a handful of sails to achieve the desired shade, but it’s UV protectant material is worth it to help protect your guests.


Keep Your Guest Comfortable

Providing shade at your outdoor wedding is best to ensure your guests remain comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. Depending on the time of year your wedding is, consider additional ideas to keep your guests content in the weather conditions. If your wedding date lands on a hot summer day, consider providing your guests each with a hand fan to stay cool. Likewise, if your wedding is in the winter, perhaps provide blankets for them to keep warm.