Fun and Interactive Wedding Reception Games that Guests Will Love


Couples are often looking for fun and creative ways to keep guests entertained during their reception. Not everyone is fond of dancing, and it’s nice to add some variety to the activities. Why not throw it back to childhood and break out some games? These interactive games will keep your guests laughing and entertained during the entire celebration, and will create an unforgettable evening!


Giant Jenga

Take the much-loved traditional game to the next level with the supersized version. Giant jenga is the perfect small group game for guests to play, and works great when set-up outside – the toppling blocks will get a bit too noisy indoors. For an extra personal touch, if you’ve purchased the set yourself, have guests write out their well-wishes on the blocks.


Corn Hole

If you have lawn space to spare, corn hole is the perfect addition for your wedding reception. You can even get bean bags that match your wedding color palette and customize the board so that you can tie everything together!


Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is another great outdoor wedding choice if you have some extra lawn space to work with. A true bocce ball court isn’t necessary. Just get the balls, designate a playing area, and let guests have fun!


Drinking Games

For more casual weddings (and one’s that kids aren’t invited to), reminisce about the college years over some classic drinking games. Beer pong, flip cup, and rage cage will surely be a hit! Don’t give guests an excuse to get too wild, however – fill the cups up with water or soda, instead.


Wedding I Spy

Give guests a list of moments they need to find, and let them capture them on their phones or cameras. You can even purchase a bundle of disposable cameras for guests to use and develop later. They’ll likely get some personal moments you might miss, so it’ll be a unique way to capture your celebration. Some ideas for the list include a couple slow dancing, delicious desserts, beautiful flowers, and someone giving a toast.


The Shoe Game

This game will test the couple’s knowledge of each other and surely will lead to some funny moments. One person should create a list of lighthearted questions (such as “Who has the most shoes?” or “Who is the best cook?”). Have the couple sit back to back on the dance floor, each holding two shoes in their hands – on of one partner’s shoe, and one of their own. For each question, they’ll raise the shoe of the person the question best describes.



Do you have some impressive singers among your guests – or at least people who can put on a good show? Let the DJ take a break and bring out the karaoke machine at some point during the night. The guests will have a chance to show off their skills, and it’ll surely lead to some memorable moments.


Board Game Table

This is something that both younger and adult guests will love! Pick out some of your favorite board games, and assemble them on a table specifically designated for gaming. Choose games that hold significance to add a personal touch. For example, if you and your partner’s perfect idea of a night in is competing in a game of Scrabble, be sure to include it!


Kids-Only Space

Keep the kids entertained with a no-adults-allowed gaming table. Consider breaking out legos, crayons and paper, and kid-friendly board games. If you have space outside, you can even bring out some hula hoops, jump ropes, hopscotch, or maybe even a piñata!


Mad Libs

Order some wedding-focused mad libs sheets, and leave them around the reception venue for guests to fill out. Guests will have fun thinking of creative and goofy answers, and it’ll be a treat for you to read later on.


Custom Crossword Puzzle

Create a custom crossword puzzle using information about you and your partner. This will give guests a chance to learn something about you both that they might not already know!


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