Fun Ways to Include Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding

*Photo courtesy of  Natalie Watson Photography & Company

Dogs are more than just pets—they are an important part of any family. Couples who are getting ready to tie the knot often will want to include their furry friend in their wedding celebration in some capacity. Thankfully, there are many creative ways to do so—whether they make an actual appearance at the event or not. If you are looking to include your pup in your wedding, try out some of these ideas.


Engagement Photos

Your dog is a part of your family, so why not include them in your engagement photos? Bringing your pup into some of your shots makes for a much more personal set of photos, and you’ll surely want to use them for all of your wedding invitation materials. Be careful, though—they might steal the show in your save-the-date cards!


Wedding Procession and Recessional

If your furry friend can be well-behaved amongst a crowd, have them join in during the wedding procession. Children that are serving as ring bearers or flower girls would love to have your dog escort them as they march down the aisle. Your dog can also walk down the aisle with another member of the wedding party. For an extra layer of cuteness, have them wear a sign around their neck to signal that the bride is on her way!

If your dog isn’t a big performer but you still want them present during your ceremony, have them join you during the recessional. Have a trusted friend or family member take care of them on the sidelines, and once you’ve said your “I Do’s”, let them hand off your dog so that your small family can walk down the aisle together. Once the ceremony is over, be sure to get some sweet shots with your new spouse and your dog, as well!

On a practical note, if your pup will be present during your wedding, make sure they are properly taken care of when they aren’t in the spotlight. Arrange for a pet sitter to be by their side when you are off mingling with guests, or for someone to take them home after the ceremony.

Dog-Inspired Decor and Details

Whether your dog is present on the big day or decides to stay a safe distance from the excitement by staying home, they can make a big impact on the decor and details throughout the celebration.

One way to do this is with the drinks. If you are choosing to serve a signature drink, name it after your furry friend. Serve it alongside personalized cocktail napkins that have your dog’s silhouette printed on them, and you’ve created a sweet little nod to your pup!

Another way to incorporate your dog in your wedding is to add their image to table numbers or place cards. Print out some great shots of your pup, or even have a professional draw or paint their image on these pieces.

A silly idea to include your dog is to get a cut-out photo version of them. Add it to your prop table at your photo booth, and let guests get some great shots with your pup!


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