Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

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It is tradition to present your bridesmaids with gifts on your wedding day. When choosing the gifts, it is essential to keep in mind useful products that may last beyond your wedding day. While you do not have to spend much on gifts, perhaps your budget will only allow for you to purchase something small, you can still make it special. Think about what they really want. Yes, perhaps robes or shirts that say “bridesmaids” are common. However, will they really wear it beyond your wedding day? Probably not. Here are a few tips to consider.


1. Bridesmaid Jewelry

Almost every bridesmaid loves a new sparkling gift. Whether it be a necklace, earrings or bracelet, they can wear the jewelry on your special day and other occasions to come. If you choose to go the route of a necklace, you can even personalize it.

2. Spa Day

If your budget allows, consider sending your bridesmaids off to the spa for a massage, facial, and nail appointment. This is the perfect treat for your bridesmaid to indulge in their hard work leading up to the wedding.

3. Matching Robes

Let’s say you are stuck on the idea of purchasing matching robes. If you decide to do so, perhaps avoid writing anything related to your wedding on the backside. A robe with your bridesmaids initials or perhaps a simple plain color is something they can wear for the time to come.

4. Engraved Wine Glass

Yes, the cups that are engraved with “bridesmaids” are cute. However, your girls will not be bridesmaids forever. If you want to give them a wine glass or perhaps a tumblr  to use throughout your special day, consider having their name on it instead. This way, they can use it for more than one season.

5. Pajamas

A current trend for a bridal party is ensuring that everyone wears matching pajamas for the morning of a wedding. What is there not to love about pajamas? They are fun and usable everyday of the year.

6. Sleep Mask

Who does not love beauty sleep? A silk sleeping mask is a great gift for your girls, perhaps along with matching pajamas.


What are you getting for your bridesmaids? Of course, everyone is different in what they want. No one knows their bridesmaids better than the bride. Whether you choose an item on the list or perhaps another gift tailored specifically to each bridesmaid, treat your girls.