Gifts to Get Your Bride (or Groom) for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a special day for a bride and groom. To make it even more special, couples tend to surprise each other with gifts. Generally, these gifts are items that they can wear on the wedding day but can be worn for the time to come. Whether you give diamonds, jewelry, or perhaps shoes, no one knows your partner better than you do.


When picking out the perfect gift, keep in mind that this is an intimate and fun opportunity. Gift-giving between partners is a way to share and cultivate a stronger bond. Receiving a gift from your partner before you say “I do” can assist in leading up the anticipation of walking down the aisle. Before picking out your gift, ensure you talk to your partner about it so that you both are in the loop. While you can also get ideas from your partner about what they would like to receive, surprise them with the unexpected.

Giving a Gift on Your Wedding Day

Most couples choose to do an exchange of gifts before the ceremony, however, it is up to the happy couple to determine when and how. If you do not intend to do a first look, then most couples tend to send the gift into the bridal or groom suite with the help of a messenger. Receiving a gift can create a feeling of awe before the ceremony. If you are planning a first look, then perhaps consider this an opportunity to exchange gifts. Generally, couples have a photoshoot during their first look. While gifts are intended to be intimate, some couples might want to get the moment on camera while others may prefer to do a behind-the-scenes exchange. Throughout a wedding day, couples are rarely alone. After the ceremony might be the only alone time a couple gets before wandering into the reception. Perhaps after you both say your vows and seal the deal is the best time to give a gift. Again, it is completely up to the happy couple to determine the best time.

Picking the Perfect Gift

Jewelry for the Bride

It’s hard to go wrong when you choose to purchase jewelry. Whether it be a bracelet, earrings, necklace, or another special item, put some thought into it. If it is something you want your bride to wear on the big day but are not sure, ask her maid of honor for input. Her maid of honor will know what she needs and what will go perfect with her attire.

A message at the Bottom of Shoes

This can go for both the bride and the groom. Quietly take your partner’s shoes and add a message to the bottom of them. When choosing to do this, personalized stickers with a quote are preferred. Your sneakiness will be unknown when they are presented with their shoes the day of.

A Letter

Nothing is more romantic than laying out your feelings in a letter. Let your partner know your love for them and the life you look forward to making together. If you do a first look, consider reading this out loud to them before the ceremony.

A Watch for the Groom

Watches are a must-have and there is nothing more long-lasting than a personalized watch. Engrave a special message in the back. Perhaps a clever idea is writing, “See you at noon,” when your ceremony begins.

Cufflinks for Him

Cufflinks on a wedding day are a must for some grooms. Creating personalized cufflinks that he can wear on his special day and be reminded of you is perfect. Best of all, these can be reused for time to come.


Whether you choose a simple gift or a more grand gesture, your partner is bound to love what they receive. Be intentional when choosing the gift. No one knows your partner better than you do.