How to Decide Between Hosting a Big or Small Wedding


Some couples immediately know whether they want to throw a big bash or a smaller, more intimate wedding. For others, however, it might not be so easy to choose between the two styles. If you are having a hard time deciding on the size of your wedding, use these tips to help you make your choice.


Start Drafting the Guest List

Of course, there are some people who you simply have to invite, and this will influence the size of your wedding. Write down the names of the people you will definitely invite, such as family members and close friends. You’ll also need to clearly communicate with both sets of parents to see who their must-invites are. Once you have this initial guest list, you’ll start to see if a smaller wedding is even an option for you – sometimes it is impossible to restrict the guest list! Some couples will have enough people on this “must-invite” list that they’ll need to make a larger wedding (or at least a medium-sized wedding) work.

Look at Your Venue Options

Do some initial research into wedding venues in your area. As you identify the ones you like, see how many people they can accommodate. Typically, there are more smaller wedding venues to choose from, but there may be some wonderful large wedding venues in your area as well. Many couples will create the guest list before looking into wedding venues (and you absolutely should do this before signing the dotted line and officially choosing a space), but this initial research may help you envision your wedding and make your decision in regards to guest list size.


Consider the Wedding Location

Are you throwing a destination wedding? Then the best choice might be to opt for a smaller wedding. Destination weddings typically require a bit more effort when it comes to planning, especially since you’ll likely want to host a few activities throughout the weekend to spend more quality time with guests. With a smaller guest list, you can enjoy this experience with a more select group of friends and family, and you won’t feel quite as bogged down with planning a huge celebration.


Think About Where You Want to Put Your Money

It is no surprise that more guests means more of a financial investment. Each extra guest in the headcount is an additional rate for the caterer, and when you are working with a larger space, you’ll need more decor, flowers, seating, tables, and more to fill out the venue. This means you’ll want to consider your budget, and exactly where you want that money to go. If you keep a smaller guest list, you could put that money towards other elements, such as a more expensive caterer, a larger band, extra flowers, additional entertainment, or whatever else you’d like. That being said, it may be more important to you to invite as many guests as you can. Look at your priorities and style, and decide what is best based on your budget.


Think of Your Own Style and Comfort

It is also important to take your own preferences into account when deciding how big you want your wedding to be. Would you be more comfortable celebrating the momentous occasion with your very closest friends and family members, or do you want to go big and celebrate with more guests? Do you want to emulate an intimate dinner party feel, or do you want to create more of a large-scale event? Do you want to fill the dance floor with guests as the DJ rocks the house, or are you looking for less of a party atmosphere? Even if you don’t have a strong opinion on the matter, you probably lean towards one or the other, so consider that when you are looking at all other relevant factors.


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