How to Decide if You Should Hire a Wedding Designer

*Photo via Carlson’s Premier Events

Couples in the process of planning their wedding might get to a point where they ask themselves if they should hire a wedding designer. Many people outside of the wedding industry don’t even realize that professional wedding designers exist, but they serve a major purpose. Wedding designers can take a space and turn it into your vision – or help you develop a wedding vision if you don’t quite have one! If you are playing around with the idea of hiring a wedding designer for your celebration, ask yourself these questions to get to your answer.


Does our venue need a lot of work?

Some venues speak for themselves – they don’t require much effort to make them festive and beautiful. Other venues, on the other hand, are more of a blank canvas. They have a lot of potential, but require someone with a great eye and vendor connections to transform it into a completely different space. If you have a “blank canvas” venue, it might be a good idea to bring a wedding designer on board.


Do we have an idea of what we want, but no idea how to make it happen?

Most people have an idea of what looks they like and dislike, and can easily point to design elements that fit their aesthetic. However, when it comes to actually pulling together a look, it is a completely different story. A wedding designer will be able to take your ideas, use their skills and vendor connections in the industry, and execute a look, straight out of your imagination.


Are we completely clueless as to what to do for our wedding design?

A lot of couples get completely stuck when it comes to creating a wedding aesthetic. No amount of scrolling through Pinterest and looking at wedding photos can help them pin down a design. Couples struggling to figure out how they want their wedding to look may want to hire a wedding designer to help them come up with a plan and bring it to life.


Are we trying to go big with our wedding design?

For some couples, the design is central to their wedding celebration. They have big, bold ideas that will visually stand out and make the space pop. If you have an extravagant vision, you’ll want to bring someone on board who can handle the challenge, especially if you don’t have any professional event design experience. Hire a wedding designer who can make your out-of-this-world vision a reality, rather than trying to piece everything together yourself.


Can we take on the task of creating and executing our wedding design?

Even if you do have the talent for design and decor, the process of designing a wedding space takes a lot of effort and time – especially if you are going for something extravagant. Couples who already feel overwhelmed by the wedding planning process can benefit from bringing someone onto the team who can take this monumental task off their plate.


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