How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress – Georgia Bridal Shows


Whether you have been fantasizing about your dream wedding gown since your toddler days or it’s something that never entered your mind until your engagement, shopping for your wedding dress can be a stressful event.

After all, this is likely your first wedding which means you have never shopped for a wedding dress before. Friends and family are pressuring you to start shopping, attend Georgia bridal shows and book a venue. Planning a wedding and finding the perfect wedding dress requires a little preparation. Check out our top two tips and that dress will be yours!

How do you find the perfect wedding dress?

The secret to finding the perfect wedding dress is to do your research. Most cities have multiple bridal boutiques that offer different designers, price ranges and even attract different kind of Brides. Some may target a Bride with expensive taste and others may specialize in a trend like the boho-bride trend. So, it is really important that you do your research before beginning your wedding dress shopping excursions. If you schedule appointments at boutiques that only offers wedding gowns above your budget you will feel frustrated. If you want a traditional ballgown then you don’t want a bridal shop that only has boho, simple wedding gowns.

Before you schedule appointments, check them out!

Everyone knows that Google is the go-to for answers and the wedding industry is no exception. Make sure to check out your local retailers before you schedule your first few appointments. You don’t want to start out disappointed.

Read Reviews

This can be a great look into the real goings on at a bridal boutique. But remember, everything you read in a review may not be accurate. Many customers elaborate on the experiences especially when they are bad. Read them with an open mind and remember, bridal boutiques do not make customers mad on purpose.

View their Website

The boutiques website will represent the “type” of wedding dresses they have in the store. You can get a good idea if the style you are envisioning can be found there.

Social Media Accounts

This one is HUGE! Social Media has become how wedding businesses represent brand. It can tell you a lot about a business. Things to look for: if their feed “pretty and cohesive”. Why would this be important? If they have a visually appealing look, and well thought out posts mixed with real brides, in-store photos and designer images, maybe even a few inspirational quotes this means they put a lot of thought and planning into their marketing. And they do so because the are passionate. Social Media feeds that look messy, unorganized and not pretty mean they just rush and throw anything on there. You want a boutique that is passionate!

This research will give you a feel for who “they are” and “how they treat their Brides”. But don’t stop there! Call or email the boutique, interact with the staff so you can get a feel for their interest in you. Yes! That’s right, interest in You!

A bridal boutique that is doing things right will be excited for you as the Bride. Even if you are the 100thBride they have spoken to that day! Passion is what makes a great bridal shop, a great bridal designer, wedding photographer, wedding planner etc.

Your wedding dress is the single most important fashion purchase you will ever make. A little research will go a long way to finding the perfect wedding dress in Georgia.


Wedding Vendors Stressing You Out?

Another great tip for finding the perfect wedding dress is to attend local Georgia Bridal Shows. If this is your first wedding all of this intense wedding planning stuff is new to you. There are so many decisions to be made and hundreds of vendors to choose from. We encourage Brides, and Grooms to attend bridal shows and expos in Georgia to meet and interact with vendors and other couples also planning their nuptials.

Bridal shows and expos are like heaven on earth for couples planning their wedding.

If you followed tip number one (do your research) then you already have an idea about local wedding vendors in your area. But you can’t book them based on what you see online, we get it!


Our tip number two is check them out in person.

Attending a Georgia Bridal Show puts most of those local wedding vendors in ONE room so you can meet and talk to all of them without driving all over town. What could be better than that? It would take hours to reach out via phone or email to all of the vendors you are interested in to schedule appointments. Then even more time to actually meet with them to discuss their skills and prices.

Talk about a daunting task!

When all of the local wedding vendors are under one roof at bridal shows and expos in Georgia, you can literally go from one booth to the next speaking directly with the team. This is priceless when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress or wedding photographer etc.

Their booths showcase their skills and work allowing you to get a feel for who they are. If you like your initial interactions you can schedule an appointment with them to meet in their office to iron out more details. And as a bonus, many of these vendors offer discounts or promotional items just because you spoke to them at the bridal shows and expos.

Your wedding day is the biggest celebration in your life and shopping for your wedding dress is magical and emotional experience. You will create memories and stories that will last a lifetime. Take your time and don’t rush through it.

The perfect wedding dress is out there waiting for you!


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