How to Make Your Destination Wedding Affordable for Guests


The idea of a destination wedding is an absolute dream for many couples, but there can be one major drawback: the cost it will incur on the guests. It can be a big ask to have your family and friends travel to a far off destination for your wedding, and it might be a difficult financial burden for some. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do in order to make the celebration as budget-friendly as possible.


Consider Ease of Travel When Picking Your Destination

If you haven’t chosen the location for your destination wedding yet, you may want to consider this before making the final decision. It will be a lot easier — both logistically and on the wallet — to choose a destination that is close to a major airport. Smaller airports typically require more connecting flights, which can add up and tack on more time to travel plans. You might want to prioritize choosing a destination within driving distance of a larger airport, as it’ll likely be much more financially accessible for guests.


Avoid Holiday Weekends or Busy Seasons

The date of your wedding can also greatly influence the prices of both flights and accommodations. Do your best to avoid holiday weekends when picking your destination wedding date. You may also want to research the peak season for your destination and plan around it. Holidays and busy travel seasons basically always translate to higher travel and hotel rates.


Send Save-the-Dates ASAP

There are many reasons you should send your destination save-the-dates out early, but one of the most important reasons is that it will help guests save money. Airfare will be less expensive further out from the travel date, so it will be a huge help for guests if they can book their travel plans early. You won’t have all the information available yet, but by giving guests a date and a location, they can book their flights early and take advantage of cheaper airfare.


Set Up Hotel Room Blocks

Hotel room blocks can save your guests a good amount of money when it comes to booking accommodations, so it is a smart idea to get them arranged for your guests. You’ll likely want to choose two or three hotel options at different price points to match varying budgetary needs. Besides saving money, room blocks will also ensure that your guests are able to easily secure accommodations for their stay.


Provide Transportation from the Airport to the Hotel(s)

Make guests’ travel a bit less expensive by providing transportation from the airport to the hotel. You can book a few shuttles based on when guests are arriving to make it more cost effective for you. If your wedding venue isn’t near the hotel (or hotels) you’ve chosen for your room blocks, you may also want to provide transportation to the venue on the day of the celebration to reduce or eliminate the need for renting cars (or paying for a taxi).


Skip the Registry

You may want to consider skipping the wedding registry if you’re throwing a destination wedding. Let guests know that their presence is enough of a gift! Inevitably, some guests will still give you some sort of wedding gift, but it may help take a bit of financial burden off of some of your guests.


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