How to Personalize Your Hotel Ballroom Wedding Venue

*Photo via Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina

Hotel ballrooms offer an abundance of space, lots of amenities and services in one spot, and an elegant flair that matches many couples’ aesthetic. It’s no surprise they’re such popular wedding reception venues! However, since they often have a very specific style, it is a challenge for many couples to personalize the space. If you’re hosting your wedding in a hotel, here are a few tricks to make the ballroom space truly your own.


Light Up the Walls

One of the easiest ways to instantly transform a hotel ballroom is to illuminate the walls with colored lighting that matches your color palette. Using uplighting on the wall changes the entire feeling of the room by essentially “repainting” the walls to a color (or multiple colors) of your liking.


Add Drapery

You’ll be working with a lot of vertical space. A simple yet transformative way to add interest to the ceiling and walls is to add drapery. To build on the look of drapery on the ceiling or walls, you can even put twinkle lights behind them to give off a soft glow.


Create a Cozy Sitting Space

You may be using tables, dining chairs, and other essential furniture pieces that are already available at the hotel. To add a personal decor touch, consider renting additional furniture pieces to create a comfortable seated space for guests to mingle, like lounge chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables. Choose furniture that matches the style of your wedding, and you’ll instantly add personality to the space.


Don’t Feel Tied to Hotel Rentals

Speaking of furniture, you may not be totally thrilled with the chairs, tables, and other various furniture pieces that the hotel has available. If it doesn’t fit your style, feel free to think outside of the box and look at other furniture rentals. Of course, this isn’t always the most budget-friendly move. However, you can always stay on-budget by keeping some of the furniture available through the hotel, but swapping out other pieces for options that better fit your aesthetic.


Focus on the Details

To truly transform the space to match your style, you’ll want to focus on the smaller decor details. When these seemingly miniscule details come together, they create a completely different space. Bring your personal style to the linens, napkins, chair bows, centerpieces, and flower arrangements. When you give these details your attention, your style will shine.


Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Up the Layout

A standard hotel ballroom reception set-up has tables around the perimeter of the space, and the dancefloor in the middle. While this certainly works well, don’t feel as though it is your only layout option! You have a ton of space to work with, so see how you can more uniquely divide up the room. Maybe you’ll have one corner with the bar and dining area, one with a photo booth or other fun activities, and one with the dance floor.


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