How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Wedding

*Photo via Lugener’s Affair Event Planning & Design Group

While some couples opt not to invite kids to their wedding, others simply couldn’t imagine not including the little ones in their lives on their big day. Whether you are a parent yourself, an aunt or uncle, or have close friends with their own kids, inviting kids to your celebration might be a no-brainer. If you are planning on having a few kiddos at your wedding, implement some of these ideas to make your celebration as kid-friendly as possible.


Ask for their Help in the Planning Process

If you have your own kids (or are particularly close to some nieces, nephews, or friends’ children), you can get them involved in the process of getting ready for the wedding. Of course, the tasks will depend on their age, but you can have them help with creating DIY projects, putting stamps on invitation envelopes, or any other kid-friendly task. This is especially great for parents who want their kids to feel included in the journey to this new marriage, and trusted with important tasks.


Involve Them in the Wedding Procession

If you have more kids than you need for flower girls and ring bearers, you might want to have a few of them lead the procession. They could hold a sign, or the older children could lead younger children down the aisle. If you are a bride who is a parent (or soon-to-be step-parent), you may even have your child walk down the aisle with you—you’re allowed to break the rules a bit for your wedding, and the child will special playing an incredibly important role in the ceremony.


Have Older Children Read a Passage

You may want to involve a more mature child in the wedding ceremony by having them share a small reading. Work with them to pick out a passage or poem that you both like, and help them rehearse so that they feel confident for the big day! If there are any children who will be in attendance who love to perform, you may even have them sing a song or do a dance at your ceremony or reception.


Include Children of the Bride and Groom in the Ceremony

Parents who are getting married should be sure to find ways to include their child or children in the ceremony. This might mean mentioning them in your vows, or having the officiant reference them. You can also include them in any special moments you are doing, such as a unity candle ceremony.


Give the Kids a Signature Drink

Why should the adults have all the fun? Ask your bartender to create a signature drink the kids can enjoy as well, like a Shirley Temple or a lemonade. The kids will feel extra special having their own unique drink!


Designate a Kid’s Table

If you have enough children in attendance who can sit separately from their parents, create a no-grownups-allowed table. Include games that they can play at the table (legos and board games will be a big hit!), as well as a special dinner menu just for them. You could even cover the table in butcher paper and give them crayons and markers to keep them entertained and occupied all night.


Add a Card-Making Station

Set-up a table with cardstock, stickers, and writing supplies so that kids can design their own cards for the bride and the groom. It will keep the kids entertained, and give you something to cherish for years to come!


Make a Create-Your-Own Dessert Station

Give the kids another interactive activity by creating a station for them to make their own treats. Cupcakes or cookies work great—give them sprinkles, frosting, and decorative baking supplies for them to make their own special edible creations! For cooler-weather weddings, you could even make a hot cocoa station with marshmallows and whipped cream.


Create a Lawn Games Area

If you have outdoor space at your reception venue, consider designating an area for some fun lawn games. Include giant jenga, corn hole, and any other favorites you love to play. It will be a huge hit for the kids—and the adults, too!


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