How to Plan a Wedding Your Guest Will Enjoy

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of factors to consider. Where is it going to be? What will the decor look like? How will the ceremony look? Will the food be good? The list can be endless, and while couples go down their immense to-do list they should also consider hospitality. While guests arrive at a wedding to help celebrate the newlyweds, it is essential to take care of the guests throughout the celebration. Yes, a wedding is indeed all about the happy couple, but it would not be special without being surrounded by those you love the most. Whether the big day is in the winter or summer, consider ways to keep guests comfortable so that they may enjoy the summer festivities.


Outdoor Ceremony Comfort

If a wedding is held outdoors, depending on the time of year, there is always a chance of severe heat or a slight chill. While most couples might only consider how an outdoor ceremony area looks to the eye, comfort is often overlooked.

On a hot day, an outdoor ceremony should come with provided shade. Whether it be a canopy or structure of some sort, giving guests shade will allow them to be present. If the weather calls for it, passing out hand fans to guests can ensure they keep cool along with cold water.

If it is a colder day, ensure your guests stay warm and toasty. A few spot heaters can do the trick, and while they are not always aesthetic to the eye, some might find ways to dress them up a bit. Passing out blankets can also provide more comfort while the ceremony proceeds.

During a wedding, guests should feel comfortable. The last thing couples want at their wedding is guests who are too hot or too cold to enjoy the ceremony.



Whether chairs come along with the venue or not, ensure that they are comfortable. While it might be more tempting to go along with the more visually appealing design, does it provide comfort? Chairs can be beautiful, but when sitting in them for hours, they can become uncomfortable. Guests should enjoy the dining experience along with the first day and speeches to come. Aside from regular seating arrangements, lounge areas should also be considered to provide guests with a place to chat during cocktail hour or after dinner.



There are plenty of weddings that occur that leave guests waiting for hours between the ceremony and reception. Whether it’s photos are late or the ceremony ran behind schedule, delays are sometimes inevitable. However, delays that are one to two hours long can leave guests in a waiting period that is not always ideal for them. Being on time is essential, which is why couples should decide if they will have a coordinator keep track of scheduling or not. Guests will appreciate not having to wait an hour or two after a ceremony to eat dinner.


Weddings are special for everyone, and while planning, remember your guests. Ensuring that hospitality is intentional will result in a perfect memorable day.