How to Prepare for a Fall Wedding

While it is still summer, fall is just around the corner. Preparing for a fall wedding is the perfect recipe for cooler temperatures, cozy attire, and changing autumn scenery. If your wedding is quickly approaching in the upcoming months, or you are attempting to plan the perfect fall wedding in 2022, consider the following tips:



The weather in the fall is brisk and cool. It is a swift and nice change from the warm summer months. Of course, depending on the area you live in will determine the coolness of the weather. Temperature can range from 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the location. Taking note of when in fall your wedding will be can help know what the weather will be ahead of time. Whether it be cooler or not, it is always good to remind guests to bring a jacket or sweater, especially if the wedding is outdoors.

Holiday Season

There are plenty of different holidays in the fall. From Halloween to Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, the holidays are a time to celebrate. If you decide to have your wedding on a holiday weekend, the choice is yours. However, it might be a good idea to avoid a major holiday such as Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday filled with endless food and games for all to enjoy. Plus, many guests on your list may have planned to be out of town for the holiday. Perhaps consider Veteran’s day weekend since guests will most likely have the upcoming Monday off.

Pros and Cons of a Fall Wedding

There are many different advantages of a fall wedding, including ideal cool weather conditions, season decor, and off-season wedding discounts. Since fall tends to be off-season, it can be easier to pick the vendors you want without worrying if they have been booked.

On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages to know. Fall weather can be unpredictable. Depending on where your wedding is will determine how hot or cold it is throughout the event. While some areas can be hot during the day, at night it can be a lot colder. With fall having many holidays, it can be possible to come across potential date conflicts. Depending on when invitations are sent out, guests might have already made other plans. Lastly, another common issue is Daylight Savings Time. As Daylight Savings End, sunsets occur at an earlier time. Earlier sunsets can greatly impact the timing of a wedding ceremony and photos that are taken immediately after.

Implementing the Fall Season

Who does not love a good fall aesthetic? If you are having a wedding in the fall, perhaps you are also considering working with the season. Fall weddings can incorporate fall foods into their meals, including dessert. In-season veggies, such as turnips, squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin can be fun to implement.

Flowers are another important decoration for a wedding, and finding the perfect fall flowers can add to the season’s touch. Dahlias are a perfect touch to a bouquet along with garden roses. Other flowers to consider are sunflowers, protea, and anemones.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Say thank you and goodnight to your guest by offering a delicious fall treat. In-season fruits, including candy apples, can bring delight. Mini donuts or pies are also an alternative. For more simple options, hot chocolate and s’mores packet can bring immense fun for guests.