How to Set Up Your Wedding Registry



The wedding to-do list is endless, and as you check off the boxes you will eventually make your way to the wedding registration. Registering at your favorite home goods shop or Amazon is a task to look forward to. Dreaming of the items you would like to see in your home is exciting. The options of what to choose from go on without end, but sometimes the process can also become a little overwhelming. While setting up a wedding registry can be difficult, here are some steps to remember.



While some people recommend you set up your registry right away, timing is everything. If you plan on having a shorter engagement, you will want to set up your registry a few months before sending out your bridal shower and wedding invites. After you have time to enjoy your engagement, it’s time to begin putting together your registry.


Talk With Your Partner

Planning what will be on your wedding registry takes effort from both partners. Sitting down and discussing what it is you need the most and items that you would like is important. The process can seem boring, but it is worth it. Consider things you need as a couple and potential furnishing. Other categories to consider asking for gifts from are honeymoon funds, electronics, outdoor equipment, home decor, and bath supplies.


Choose Registry Stores

Take the notes you jotted down from the steps above and begin the registry site process. While most couples pick one site or store to create a registry from, consider potentially two or three. Common wedding registry sites for new homeowners include Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Other popular ones are Target, REI, and Williams Sonoma.


Create an Account

While it used to be more traditional to do a registry in person, there is more accessibility to complete the task online. By creating a registry online, the process is quicker and more efficient. Set up a registry online and explore the gift options before typing in your needs. Viewing this area might help you find something you forgot to write down. While some items might look better in person, perhaps go to a store to ensure you like an item before putting it on your registry.


Add Items

The best part of the registration process is adding your items. Choose from items from multiple prices and styles. This will allow your guest to have more options based on their budget. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as too much. Your wedding registry will be used for your bridal shower as well. If you forget anything, just remember that nothing is set in stone, and you have time to make changes.



If your guests would like to send you gifts throughout your engagement, ensure that the registry is programmed to ship to a specific address. This will assist in making the process easier.


Inform Your Guest

While a registry link is not often found on actual invitations, most couples put the registry card in the envelope. If you are creating a wedding site, include the registry on your site so that it is accessible. Knowing where to find your registry can avoid issues, such as guests purchasing the same gifts.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the process. Planning a wedding registry is a fun and enjoyable process. Take the process slow and ensure you mark off what you want.