How To Spend Less on Flowers For Your Wedding


When it comes to planning a wedding, what’s the first thing you think of? No, not the wedding dress, the flowers! There are so many beautiful flowers that are staple pieces for most weddings; Lilies, roses, peonies, tulips, and so many more steal the show, not from the bride though of course! Due to this, flowers can be a major burden on your wedding budget. So, what steps can you take to avoid the added expense when you don’t need to? Here are 5 tips and tricks to consider before choosing (or not choosing) flowers for your wedding.


  1. Consider no flowers at all. I know this sounds crazy but have you ever considered the simplicity and ease of no roses for example? Instead of filling the aisles, the walls, the centerpieces with flowers, why not focus on candles, twinkle lights and maybe even plants! Any leafy plants or air plants would make a great substitute to your typical wedding flowers. While snake plants usually scream desert, they can also be reimagined the world of wedding planning. Consider Eucalyptus plants for a beautiful look and added aroma to top off your dreamy wedding!


  1. This brings us to: candles, candles and more candles! Candles are not only romantic and elegant, but they light up a room – literally! Instead of letting the flowers set the mood, why not let the candles do the work.


  1. Use in-season flowers. Take advantage of the season you have decided to hold your wedding in. Not only is this on theme for your special day, but it can also save you the extra cost. You should also consider year-round flowers and I know what you’re thinking, yes this does include roses and yes this could be why roses are your typical, staple wedding flower.


  1. Create a budget. Negotiate a small budget with your wedding planner or your partner when thinking of your beautiful flower arrangements. Many wedding planners like to stick to a budget of 15% or less of the entire wedding fund to be spent on flowers. this, of course, should be compromised however you would like. Hey, it is your dream day after all.


  1. Stick to a limited selection of flowers. While it is understandable as to why many brides want to incorporate multiple types of flowers into their ceremony, consider making the impact with a limited selection of 2-3 different flowers if you feel the need to. Considering the fact that flowers will need to bought in bulk, you may find yourself with extra flowers to begin with. instead of tossing them, use them to their fullest potential.


Of course, these are just a few simple tips on planning your big day. Remember to keep an open mind and consider all of the options while using everything to their fullest potential.