How to Stand Out in the Atlanta Bridal Market

atlanta bridal market

It’s no secret that the Atlanta bridal market is highly competitive. There’s even a very popular TV show on national distribution about a certain wedding dress store in Sandy Springs! So you already know that there is no shortage of wedding related businesses in our area. This is great for brides because each one can find the right vendor for her style. However, this can make it tough for a business to stand out and get noticed, especially for new players that are just getting started and don’t have the track record to compete with businesses that have been rocking it for decades. So what’s a bridal vendor to do? Here are some ideas.


Go Above and Beyond for Your Clients

Many businesses claim to provide high-quality service, but do they actually do it? When you say you’re going to do something for a client, go overboard with it. If they say they can only afford to taste three cakes, prepare five cakes anyway. If the photoshoot is going really well, work in a few extra shots, even if it means staying late. Your clients will appreciate the extra effort you put into making their day the best it can be and they’ll reward you for this with a glowing recommendation online. The number one way to boost your business is to get referrals from your satisfied clients.


Focus on a Narrow Niche

Today’s brides are looking for one-of-a-kind services. The Atlanta bridal market is full of florists, but which florist specializes in earth-toned foraged plants for a Boho-chic wedding day? That could be you! The details are so important when it comes to designing the most beautiful wedding and each bride will have her own opinions. If you can narrow in on a very specific style, you’ll have the opportunity to quickly become the best, since nobody else can match it!


Show Off Your Unique Personality

The best way to make sure people remember you is to be unique. Whether you have vividly colored hair, love to share a glass of wine with friends, or skateboard to your workplace, take what’s unique about you and turn it up to 11! You can easily start sharing more of yourself online. Take a video of you dancing to your favorite song in the hair salon and post it to Instagram Stories. Go live on Facebook and share your secret tip for getting perfect frosting flowers on a cake. Whatever makes you “you”, lean in to it and share it for all to see!


Showcase Your Work at the Georgia Bridal Show

Joining the Atlanta bridal market is no easy task. There is a lot of competition to overcome, but there’s always room for more inspired business owners looking to make a bride’s day extra special! Here at the Georgia Bridal Show, we are so lucky to have the opportunity to showcase a variety of wedding vendors at each and every event. If you’d like to join us, please contact us for more information about exhibiting! You can also receive a free website listing to get your foot in the door!