How to Take the Best Fall Wedding Photos


Fall offers uniquely picturesque moments. From the beautiful foliage to the rich autumnal hues, there is a lot of beauty to take in – and the season creates a stunning backdrop for wedding photos! If you’re getting married during this time of the year, use these tips to get these best photos during your fall wedding.


Take Advantage of the Landscape

During this time of year, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. Use the natural elements to your advantage! They’ll add gorgeous texture to the background of your photos. During your venue walkthrough, make note of any outdoor areas that you can use for your photos. If possible, have your photographer with you to add their expertise, and see if the venue coordinator has any insider tips on great spots to use. Once you’ve decided on a few key photo locations, be sure to add them to your shot list.


Keep Timing in Mind

Remember that you’ll be working with shorter days during the fall. You’ll need to be strict with your photo schedule in order to make sure you are making the most of the natural light you have. To maximize the daylight, take some of the photos (like the first look or separate bridal party and groomsmen photos) prior to the ceremony so that there are less photos to take later in the day. Talk to your wedding photographer about creating a schedule that works best for the lighting.


Plan for Golden Hour Shots

If you want photos that really pop, figure out what time the golden hour will be – it’s the hour right before sunset. The light is stunning during this time, and it’ll be particularly nice against the fall foliage. If the golden hour happens during the reception, you may want to plan to step away to get a few shots with your new spouse – it will be worth it!


Bring Along Blankets and Coats for Practical Props

You’ll likely be dealing with crisper weather if you’re throwing a fall wedding. In order to stay warm during outdoor photos, bring along some blankets and coats that coordinate well with your outfits. Try to incorporate autumnal colors, like burnt orange, burgundy, and jewel tones, as well as thicker and more luxe fabrics like velvet or wool. You don’t need to wear them for all of the photos, but at the very least, you’ll be grateful to have them between shots. They also add a nice touch that complements a fall aesthetic!


Use Autumnal Props

In addition to your coats and blankets, look for other fall props that you can use in some of your photos. Pumpkins and gourds, fall leaves, twigs, and an autumnal bridal bouquet will all add a nice touch to photos. Larger props – like a wheelbarrow, crate of apples, or even a jewel-tone vintage car – can also look stunning in the right setting.


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