How to Take the Best Spring Wedding Photos


Spring is the official kickoff of the wedding season. In the months leading up to this busy season, many couples are preparing for their weddings, and are starting to think about the wedding photos they are going to take. If you are planning a spring wedding, keep these tips in mind to make the most of the season and capture the best possible shots.


Take Advantage of the Blooms and Greenery

This season offers fresh, natural, gorgeous greens and flowers that can make photos pop. Before the big day, be sure to take some time to take note of the spots in and around your venue where the beauty of the season really shines. You’ll want to use these spots as backdrops for your photos. Of course, be sure to also implement your spring bouquet as much as possible for more texture and color in the foreground!


Have a Jacket and Umbrella on Stand-By

The sun may be shining a bit more and flowers might be finally starting to bloom again, but that doesn’t mean it is all clear skies. Spring weddings can still be particularly prone to chilly and sometimes rainy weather. It is a good idea for the bride to have a light jacket or wrap when taking outdoor photos, at least to wear in between shots. You’ll also want to have an umbrella on hand to stay dry if it starts to drizzle. Make sure they are both photogenic – these two items could end up being nice props for some shots!


Implement Spring Props and Accessories

Besides using an umbrella and your bouquet as a prop, think of other props that have a springtime vibe that you can use in your photos. Vintage bikes can look great in spring photos – and you can even take a spin if you are feeling adventurous! You can also stage a picnic in an open area with a picnic blanket, basket, and champagne and champagne flutes. If you are a bride who loves flower crowns, you can consider popping one on for some of the photos.


Bring in Pops of Color

The world around us becomes more colorful in the spring, so go ahead and play into it with some colorful accents that can give a burst of life to your photos. Think painted “Just Married” signs, a lightweight blanket with pops of color, or even fun colored shoes or socks.


Prepare For Longer Days

If you are throwing a spring wedding, you are in luck: the lighting is on your side! As we transition out of winter, we experience longer days. This is great for couples getting married in the spring. As you are planning your shot list during the shorter winter days, keep this in mind. You’ll have a bit more leeway with these longer days.


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