How to Take the Best Summer Wedding Photos


Are you getting ready for your summer wedding? Then you are going to want to get the best shots to remember the big celebration for years to come! Couples throwing a summer wedding can use the following tips to capture some gorgeous moments.


Come with a Plan in Hand

You’ll likely be dealing with some hot summer weather. The key is to be efficient and prepared so that you can spend as little time in the sun as possible, while still capturing every shot that you want. Work with your photographer to establish a shot list to guide you through the process. This way, you can get right to the photos and get exactly what you need!


Be Ready for the Heat

Speaking of the heat, make some preparations so that you can be as comfortable as possible while taking your outdoor photos. Take breaks when needed, and have some cool water on standby to stay hydrated. Make sure to have some for the photography team as well! It’s not a bad idea to have some hand fans and umbrellas nearby for some quick relief.

As you are walking through your venue prior to the celebration, take note of any nice shady spots, such as under a tree or a gazebo. Take advantage of these spots when taking your photos and plan to include them in your shot list – you’ll get a break from the sun while still getting some great shots! These types of spots can be ideal for larger group photos, especially if you have anyone who is more sensitive to the heat.

Finally, be prepared to keep your looks staying fresh. The bride should have touch-up makeup nearby to deal with makeup that is affected by the heat. It’s also not a bad idea to have a handkerchief to dab away any sweat.


Plan Around Golden Hour

As far as photography goes, one of the best parts of a summer wedding is the golden hour light – the light an hour before sunset that gives off, as you can probably guess, a gorgeous gold hue. Take advantage of this beautiful lighting, and plan to get some lovely shots during this time. If the golden hour is happening during your reception after you’ve taken most of your photos, you may want to sneak away for a bit to get some stunning shots.


Consider Ceremony Lighting

Is your ceremony going to be in an unshaded area? If so, be sure to check out the site during the time of the day you’d actually be getting married. You won’t want harsh high-noon light to muddy your ceremony photos, so you may want to plan your schedule around the lighting in order to get the best shots.


Add Summer Props

Most think of bright colors and playfulness when they think of summer. Find summer props you can include in some of your shots to give a little nod to the season. Sunglasses, fun lawn chairs, bikes, beach balls, beer bottles – whatever fits your style!


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