Ideas for Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” – you’ve probably heard this expression at least a handful of times while planning your wedding. It comes from an English limerick, and is meant to bring good luck to the couple on their wedding day. “Something old” represents honoring your family and the lives you held before getting married, “something new” represents looking forward to the future, “something borrowed” represents happiness, and “something blue” represents fidelity and purity. If you are looking to bring a bit of good fortune to your big day, these are a few ways you can incorporate the elements of this rhyme into your wedding.


Something Old

This gives you an opportunity to incorporate some sentimental pieces into your celebration – and is also a wonderful way to give a nod to each of your families and your roots.

  • A Family Heirloom: This is one of the most common ways to bring “something old” into a wedding. This could range from a locket with a family photo in it to a grandmother’s bracelet to a set of china that the newly married couple can use for their first meal together.
  • A Piece of Fabric: Many couples have found unique ways to incorporate pieces of fabric from their relatives’ wedding looks into their own celebration. For example, the bride can sew a piece of her mother’s dress or father’s tie into her dress. The groom could also create a pocket square out of a sentimental piece of fabric.
  • A Reading or Poem: Your “something old” doesn’t have to be a physical item. A family member can read a meaningful passage at the ceremony to fit the box. Consider something that comes from your cultural background or religion to add a special personal touch.


Something New

With all the materials that need to be purchased for your wedding, there’s a good chance you’re going to check off this requirement without even thinking of it!

  • The Wedding Dress, Shoes, or Veil: Unless you’re borrowing the elements of your wedding look from a family member or friend, your outfit can easily serve as your something new!
  • The Rings: You already have something new incorporated in your ceremony: your wedding bands! It might feel like cheating to consider them your “something new”, but they are probably the most meaningful and symbolic pieces you could choose.
  • Signature Scent: This is something both the bride and groom can do. Many like to pick out a signature cologne or perfume specifically for their wedding day, so that they can be reminded of the special celebration anytime they wear it afterwards. For those looking for a “something new,” this works perfectly!


Something Borrowed

Borrow something from a happily married couple to impart a little bit of extra luck on your special day.

  • Jewelry or Cufflinks: The bride and groom can each check off their something borrowed with accessories. Borrow a meaningful piece of jewelry or stylish cufflinks from a relative or close friend.
  • The Veil: If you aren’t purchasing a new veil, it can be extra special to borrow one from a female family member who wore it in their wedding.
  • A Ring Pillow: Have a friend or family member who still has the ring pillow from their wedding? See if you can borrow it for your own wedding. It’ll check “something borrowed” off the list – and it is one less thing for you to go out and get!


Something Blue

Even if it isn’t in your wedding day color palette, you can still find a way to add a splash of blue!

  • A Stylish Ride: Drive away from your wedding in style in a striking blue car – whether it is an old-school baby blue car or a sleek electric blue sports car. Plus, if you’re renting (or borrowing from a generous friend or family member), this can count as your something borrowed, too!
  • A Fresh Manicure: Make your “something blue” a part of your beauty look and have your nails painted blue. For a more natural approach that will coordinate with just about any look, go for a pretty pale blue.
  • Wedding Shoes or Socks: Add a little touch of blue with the footwear. The bride can pick out a nice pair of shoes, whereas the groom can wear some fun blue socks.


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