Ideas to throw an EPIC Halloween Wedding

halloween gothic wedding cake

If you’re getting married in the fall, you can certainly go for the deep moody colors that the season brings out with fall foliage backdrops. I mean, we all love us some pumpkin and all things fall. But there are few of us who live and die for Halloween each year and for the couple with a bit of an edge, a Halloween Wedding is the way to stand out against the “traditional.” So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spooky add-ins and ideas to make your wedding an epic Halloween scene.

#1 – Incorporate some Jack-O-Lantern’s for an easy (and budget friendly) way to set the tone of the event

jack-o-lantern pumpkin wedding decor
Image: Rustic Wedding Chic
  • You could have Jack-O-Lantern’s flank each side of the aisle. Bonus if your ceremony is at dusk when the candle light could be seen.
  • Have a wall dedicated to pumpkins carved with spooky faces
  • You could even use it as a way to showcase a wedding monogram, your new initials, or your wedding Hashtag!
  • Or have the pumpkins as table centerpieces

#2 – A fog machine

I mean, what else sets a spooky scene like a fog machine? Whether it’s your actual ceremony, over dinner, your first dance as a couple, or throughout your reception…a fog machine would make some stellar images to capture your Halloween wedding. Just make sure its low lying fog so you don’t suffocate 🙂


#3 – The Flowers

So this is where things could get seriously spooky or you can stick to more fall colors. But  incorporating some black and deep dark reds and purples  (if that matches your color palette) would be absolutely stunning.

#4 – The Cake and The Food

Depending on what mood you’re trying to create, the cake and the food could be beautifully gothic or just full on Halloween influence. We can start by incorporating black into the cake and other desserts (if that matches your palette), or go full spooky. Either one will create a fun Halloween atmosphere for your big day.

#5 – The Invitations

The ideas here are endless. You could incorporate skeletons and other spooky “halloween” elements. Have your invitation wording read like a witches spell. But a few simple classics like dark moody colors, calligraphy, and I’m especially loving the ink stained look for something a little off beat.

#6 – The Wedding Party

Flowers Girls in Black. Wedding Party in Black. The officiant dressed up as your favorite classic scary character or just full mystery creepy in a dark hood like the Grim Reaper. You can scale the wedding party’s halloween attire as much or as little as you’d like for a more classy gothic to a full Halloween soiree.

#7 – The Bride and Groom

A wedding gown is a statement in and of itself. A black wedding gown is something only a brave bride fully dedicated to Halloween could pull off. Use your outfits to fully top off your Halloween Inspired Wedding. For the groom, a top hat could add a nice gothic Victorian spin to things. But there’s nothing wrong whatever way you choose to go. Classic or Fun, its your big day.


We hope this helps for any of you looking to make your wedding a bit more spooky. For more ideas, make sure to get tickets to our next show to meet wedding vendors face to face and make your big day a reality.