Make a Dramatic Exit with these Wedding Sendoff Ideas

*Photography: Myles Berrio Photography // Venue: The Engine Room

You shouldn’t brush aside your wedding sendoff. This is the final moment of your momentous celebration, so you’ll want to end it with a bang! These wedding sendoff ideas – ranging from classic to unique – will add a dramatic touch to your exit. Plus, they’ll create a fun environment for some memorable final wedding photos.



This idea is popular for a reason – it adds a romantic glow that is perfect for lighting the couple for photographs, and they look fun and festive! Since you’ll be dealing with open flames, this is best for an outdoors sendoff. You’ll also want to check in with your venue to make sure it is allowed on the premises.


Glow Sticks

Glow sticks add a playful touch to a wedding send-off, and they are a fun flame-free alternative if you can’t use sparklers. You can keep it classic with white glow sticks, or fun with some multi-colored options. You could even find some that match your wedding color palette to tie it all together.



Sprinkles may be small, but they create a big statement! They add a pop of color that will look gorgeous and fun in your photos. You’ll easily find sprinkles that match your wedding color palette. Fill small pouches for guests to toss from as you head out. They’ll create a bit of a mess, so be sure to have someone help with cleanup afterward!



Let guests tap into their inner-child with bubbles! They’ll add a pretty, whimsical feel to the moment and to your photos. Bubbles are also mess-free besides the packaging, so you won’t have to worry about someone staying around to clean up.


Streamers or Ribbon Wands

Pick out some streamers or ribbon wands (that coordinate with your color palette, of course) for guests to wave during your sendoff. They’ll create a textured wall of color that’ll look beautiful in your photos! You can also consider picking metallic streamers or ribbons, as they’ll add some extra shine.


Autumn Leaves

This option is the ideal final touch for fall weddings. Fill up some small baskets with leaves for guests to throw for an extra autumnal feel. Bonus: you can gather these from your yard or local park, so they are completely free!



Many of these ideas focus on the visual aesthetic, but why not create an aromatic experience? Pick some herbs that are in season for guests to toss, like lavender, rosemary, or mint. Herbs are perfect for any nature-loving couple!



If you are looking for glitz and glamour, sequins are the perfect option. Give guests a small pouch filled with sequins to throw so that they can add a bit of sparkle to your exit. They will require some cleanup, so make sure you keep that in mind and have someone assigned to the task.



This no-mess idea can serve two purposes. Guests can wave them around during your sendoff, and take them home as a favor! You can order customized flags with a printed saying. If you both come from different cultural backgrounds, you could also get flags to represent both countries. Or, couples throwing a Fourth of July wedding celebration can tap into their patriotism and break out American flags.


Beach Balls

Throwing a seaside bash? Let guests toss around beach balls as you are heading out. It adds a playful touch to the moment that is right on theme – and the pop of color will look great in photos!


Silly String

Silly string fights don’t have to stay a memory of your childhood. Let guests goof around by spraying you with silly string as you leave your celebration! It’ll create some colorful photos – and your photographer might capture some pretty hilarious moments, too!


Confetti Poppers

This is another idea that’ll add an exciting burst of color to your wedding photos! They’ll be super fun for kids and adults alike to pop. Of course, like sequins and sprinkles, confetti poppers require a bit of cleanup – but the fun and colorful display will be worth it!


Pom Poms

Is your partner your college sweetheart? Then give a nod to your college experience with school-colored pom poms. This school-spirited sendoff will be especially fun for guests who attended the same university and adds a sweet, personal touch.


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