Meet the Exhibitor: Audrey Herron Photography

The second exhibitor feature we have for you is the lovely Audrey Herron Photography! Audrey is an award-winning wedding photographer based out of Metro-Atlanta and captures such insta-worthy moments from your big day!

When did you launch your business?


What parts of Georgia do you focus on?

The entire state

Did you go to school for what you do?

I am a graduate of the University of Georgia’s photography certification program. I went back to school for photography at UGA with the intention of just taking one course. That turned into a two year certification program which has given me a solid foundation for my business.

Whats the story of how and when you decided to start your business?

I spent 12 years in the classroom as an English teacher prior to returning to UGA for photography. After having my two girls, I wanted to take one class just to get a refresher on how to shoot in manual mode on my new DSLR camera. In that one class, I was hooked and I dove headfirst into taking a two year certification program in one year.

Tell us about the first job you ever did in your wedding business!

My first job as a wedding photographer was actually what made me want to go back to school for photography. A sweet couple in my church were getting married and her photographer was unable to come due to a family emergency. The bride knew I dabbled in photography as a hobby and called me the day before her wedding! She convinced me that anything I could do was better than cell phone pictures, and I agreed to try. I absolutely loved that experience and it’s what made me search for photography classes and led me to the UGA photography program that really changed my career path and life!

What made you choose the wedding industry?

My first time at UGA, I was a British Literature/English major. I taught for 12 years in the public school system and at the local technical college. I loved stories–particularly Jane Austen novels, and the novels written by the Bronte sisters… they had always been a part of my life. Weddings appealed to me because it was a way for me to tell the story of the day through images, and bridge that passion of stories with my passion for photography.

Whats your favorite part of your job?

Working with my amazing couples…I have been so blessed to have really wonderful couples to work with. I have never had a negative experience. I love seeing them start their lives on strong foundations of faith as all of my couples have–it’s encouraging to see that in a world that tends to have negative views of “millennials “. Also, I love seeing their album…that finished product and visual story of their day is so special for me to flip through before wrapping it up and gifting it to the couple!

Whats your favorite moment of the wedding day/process?

The ceremony. I love seeing the groom’s reaction, the dad’s reaction when he gives his daughter away, and the commitment of faith my couples make to one another.

Do you have a favorite wedding professional/brand/influencer that inspires you? *

I love Katelyn James! She’s an amazing wedding photographer and educator located in Virginia and I’ve taken several of her online courses. Her work is definitely inspiring!

Any great stories from working with a client?

I have SO many…each wedding has had a great story…I’ll just say getting the honor of photographing the weddings of my former students is pretty amazing…and probably the highlight of my career. I had such great relationships with my students over 12 years and still keep in touch with so many…and seeing them as an accomplished adult making a commitment like that (and that I get to capture) is just an indescribable feeling!

Favorite color combo at weddings?

I’m a sucker for blush pinks or dusty blues!

What are your hobbies outside of your business?

I love to just be “mom” to my six and three-year-old daughters, I love going to the barn with them and watching them ride and work on their drill routines with the horses, read, (English major background) and garden. I also LOVE decorating and working on projects around the house…and channeling my inner Joanna Gaines!

How has the Georgia Bridal Show helped your business?

I love exhibiting with the Georgia Bridal Show! It has by far been the best way for me to connect with brides. I’m very personable, and call my old fashioned but I always prefer to have a conversation rather than email or text, so the show gives me an opportunity to get face-to-face with potential clients and connect with them!

How long have you been exhibiting at the Georgia Bridal Show?

The January 2019 show will be my third show!

What tips/advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning?

Remember, at the end of the day, you are going to be married and enter into an amazing partnership! Of course you want your wedding day to be perfect–who doesn’t? But just keep in mind when things get stressful what this is really about–making a lifetime commitment to your future spouse and to God, and don’t loose sight of that in the planning process!

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