Mirco Weddings: Should You Have One?

In the more recent years of the era of COVID-19, micro weddings are trending. When two people are in love and cannot wait to say “I do” any longer, switching the guest list from 100 to 15 people is a sacrifice for love. Deciding to have a micro wedding during COVID instead of having a macro one when more people can gather is a conflicting question. However, there are plenty of benefits when choosing to have a micro wedding, and this trend might be here to stay post-COVID.


Less is More

When deciding to have a micro wedding, your guest list automatically shrinks. When jolting down your list of guests, those that you cannot imagine your special day without are the first ones noted. Likewise, those guests probably cannot imagine not being at your wedding. These guests might include immediate family and close friends. When you minimize your guest list, less is more. Having an intimate wedding with those closest to you will allow for the love in the room to radiate immensely.


Save Money

It is not news that weddings are expensive. The more guests you have, the higher your budget will need to be. When choosing to host a micro wedding, inviting fewer guests is more intentional, especially if you would only have a macro wedding to avoid the feelings of others being hurt. If you are trying to save money for the honeymoon or the house, a smaller wedding will curve your budget.


More Venue Options

If your dream venue is not possible because of your lengthy guest list, then consider your options. Trimming down your guest list will give you more options on venue spaces. If you want to have your wedding at your favorite restaurant or your childhood backyard, a micro wedding is a perfect option.


Making it Personal

Expressing your love to someone is an intimate experience, especially when it is done in front of people. Selecting the ones that matter the most to you amplifies that experience. Plus, choosing to have a micro wedding allows for you to invite fewer people out of obligation. Instead of choosing to spend the most memorable day of your life with your partner and 70 additional people you have not seen in years or built a relationship, make your wedding more intentional with those you love.