Museum Weddings: Everything You Need to Know

Photo via Fernbank Musem and Ann Parks Photogrpahy

Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply a fan of spending a day at a local gallery, a museum is a fantastic place to host a wedding. Museums offer interesting backdrops for a celebration and also create a unique wedding experience for guests. Considering hosting a museum wedding? Here is what you should keep in mind.


Prepare for a Higher Price Tag

Of course, this depends on the size and popularity of the museum. However, you should keep in mind that museums tend to be pricier compared to other more traditional wedding venues.


Add Rentals to the Budget

On top of the heftier price tag of the venue, you will most likely need to plan to rent tables, chairs, and other necessary furniture. While some spaces may have these items available, many will require you to rent from an outside vendor.


Be Ready for a Shorter Set-Up Timeline

With many wedding venues, your team is able to start setting up for the celebration in the morning or early afternoon. However, if the museum is open the day of your wedding, you likely won’t be able to come in until later in the day. This means that you, your wedding planner, and your vendors will have to have a plan in place for a smooth and efficient set-up.


Think of How to Work with the Available Space

The tricky part of hosting an event in a museum is that you often have very little flexibility with rearranging the space. Chances are, you won’t be able to move an art exhibit that is smack dab in the middle of what could have been your dance floor. This means that, as you’re touring venues, you’ll need to consider how exactly you’ll use the space. Discuss this with the coordinator – they’ll likely be able to tell you what past event hosts have done to best utilize the venue.


Consider the Decor

On the same note, you’ll need to consider how the look of the museum and the pieces that are on display will complement (or detract from) the aesthetic of your wedding. This can be a benefit for many couples, as this requires less time and money put towards renting decor. However, if you don’t particularly like what is on display, you may need to look for another venue. Seek out museums that match and complement your aesthetic.


Confirm What Will Be on Display

Exhibits come and go, so a piece that you love may not actually be on display during your wedding. Check out the museum’s schedule to see what will be exhibited on your wedding date.


Ask About Museum-Specific Rules

Since there are precious works of art on display, museums will have certain event rules in place that you won’t find at other venues. For example, guests may not be allowed to bring drinks or food into certain spaces. When touring spaces, ask the coordinator what rules you’ll need to abide by when using the space.


Prepare for Great Photo Opportunities

Besides the beauty and uniqueness of the space, one of the best parts about throwing a wedding in a museum is the countless opportunities for gorgeous and creative photos. You have a museum as your backdrop, so start to take note of your favorite pieces that you’ll want photos with. Of course, you’ll have to abide by the photography rules of the venue, so check in with the coordinator to see what is off-limits. Also, be sure to check out the outdoor space for photo spots, as museum exteriors often feature photogenic architecture.



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