Planning Your Perfect Wedding at Home

During the first year of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the world began to rethink everyday tasks, working conditions, and weddings. Nowadays with the world finally opening up again, venues and travel destinations have become more booked than ever before. This can be seen as a wonderful new way to rethink your wedding venue! Here are just three of the many reasons you should consider having your backyard wedding at home in Atlanta, Georgia.


1. Budget-Friendly

When it comes to planning a wedding, though it is an exciting process, the budget can be one of the most difficult obstacles. This is usually because many wedding venues in Atlanta include food options, added service fees, and other hidden fees that eventually add up your total bill. With your backyard wedding, there are no added fees or default food options, some that you never would have purchased, to begin with, leaving you with a more flexible budget to spend on other more important details for your ceremony. This gives you more room to spend a little bit more on flowers, candles, music, as well as your own choice of food and drinks without any added guilt.

2.Backyard weddings are perfect for a smaller guest list

3. Smaller weddings have become a trend over these last few years.

The trend may have to do with the global pandemic, while others simply prefer to be surrounded by a small circle of close friends and family. If this is something you have found yourself leaning towards, a backyard wedding might be the perfect setting for you on your special day!

4. The ceremony is much more intimate

Since there will be a smaller guest list, the wedding ceremony itself will feel more intimate. While large weddings are a blast within themselves, smaller weddings offer a more nostalgic and comforting feeling as you are only surrounded by those closest to you and your significant other. This could make your wedding feel all the more special, plus you are already in an intimate setting – your home!

With that being said, planning a wedding at home comes with a great deal of responsibility as well. So you may be wondering, what goes into planning a wedding at home? Or perhaps you’re looking into the possibility of hiring a wedding coordinator. In either case, here are a few things to consider when it comes down to planning your perfect wedding at home.


Understand your space

You know your home better than anyone. Do you have a beautiful tree in your backyard where you plan to hold the ceremony? Or maybe a gazebo you have just recently built; you can even clear out your entire living room and set up your wedding decorations. Whatever the case may be, it is important to remain open-minded but realistic when it comes to clearing a space for your guests to comfortably enjoy your wedding.

What’s on the menu?

The freedom of being able to choose your wedding caterer is one of the many joys of not holding your wedding at a venue. Or perhaps you were not even planning on hiring a caterer, maybe you wanted to have the family cook a traditional dinner for you and your guests, or what about the wonderful world of food trucks – a personal favorite for many wedding guests. It is important to think about how many guests you are fitting into your home before deciding what’s on the menu.

Setting the tone

As with any wedding, at home or on location, you will want to plan out your wedding decorations as well as set the tone with your color pallet, flower arrangements, and other finishing touches. This is your home, so you can use it however you’d like! If you decide to cover the backyard in twinkle lights and bring out your favorite flowers or go the simpler route and work with your surroundings, it is completely up to you! Setting the tone in your home is much easier as you are already surrounded by things you love.


These are just a few tips and perks that come with planning a home wedding. There are many more perks as well as an endless number of possibilities in which to create the perfect wedding venue in your backyard. With that being said, an intimate backyard wedding should be considered when it comes to planning your special day.