Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Videographer


The photographer is booked, and now it is time to search for your wedding videographer! A professional wedding videographer will capture your celebration so that you can relive it for years to come, so it is important to find the best of the best. These questions will help you determine which videographer in your area will work best for your wedding.


How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you shot?

You’ll likely want someone with some good experience under their belt to shoot your wedding. It’s a good idea to see how long they’ve been in the business and what their experience has been.


What is your rate? What does this include? Are there options for add-ons, like drone videography or additional edits?

Don’t assume every videographer’s published rate covers the same things. Some may offer more all-inclusive packages, while others might offer a basic rate with the option to add-on other services. Be sure to get clear on what exactly each videographer’s rate entails, so that you can realistically determine what you would need to spend.


How much is the deposit? What are the terms around the deposit?

You’ll likely need to put down a deposit to book your videographer. Make sure you are aware of the terms around the deposit in case anything changes in your plans.


What is your work method like on the day of the wedding?

Different videographers work in different ways. Some will take a more fly-on-the-wall approach, while others will have more of a noticeable presence. If their work style is important to you, be sure to ask!


How do you coordinate with photographers? Have you worked with our photographer before?

The photographer and videographer will need to clearly communicate with each other so that they stay out of each other’s way while still getting the best shots. It shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if the videographer hasn’t worked with your photographer, but it might be nice to know if they’ve successfully teamed up in the past.


Have you worked at my wedding venue before? If not, will you be checking out the location before the event?

If your videographer hasn’t worked at your venue before, it might be helpful if they scope it out before the big day. That way, they can get the lay of the land and gather inspiration for cool shots.


Will it just be you shooting, or do you bring a second shooter? Will you have an assistant with you?

Some videographers work alone, others work with a team. Some might also give you the option to choose to add-on another videographer if you want more coverage – at an additional price, of course. Determine what you need, and see if it aligns with what they offer.


What is your shooting style? What makes you unique compared to other wedding videographers in the area?

Wedding videographers don’t all stick to a uniform style. Some take a more cinematic approach, while others may shoot like it is a documentary. Let them describe their shooting style and any unique elements they add to their work so that you have an understanding of what your footage will look like.


Do you have a portfolio I can look at?

Of course, the best way to understand their style is to actually look at their past work. If you haven’t already checked out their work on other weddings on their website, be sure to ask for a link.


When can we expect to receive the edited video?

Editing can be a laborious process, so it may take some time – especially if you are ordering longer versions. It’s a good idea to ask so that you know exactly when to expect the final cut.


What equipment do you use? Do you have backup equipment?

Technology can be unpredictable, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Check to make sure the videographer has extra equipment on hand in case anything goes awry with the cameras or accessories.


Is there any information we’ll need to provide to you before the big day?

You’ll obviously provide the basics (such as location and schedule), but the videographer may request certain information from you before the wedding so that they can work as successfully as possible.



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